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WE ARE ONE! EXO pimp post

Collaboration between chiharu, exollent, citypolaroids, hotarumyst, feixing, and alaeaureae.
See footnotes for more info.

EXO is the Chinese-South Korean boy band that debuted under S.M. Entertainment in April of 2012. EXO consists of two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, which sings in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. Every member of EXO-K is Korean. 4/6 of the EXO-M members (Kris, Tao, Lu Han, and Lay) are Chinese while 2/6 of the members (Xiumin and Chen) are Korean. EXO-K and EXO-M promote the same songs (but in different languages!) at the same time. K promotes in Korea while M promotes in mainland China.

Rumors of this project have been circulating since Jan 2011, when producer Lee Sooman first announced his plan to debut a boyband to target both the Korean and Chinese market. At the time, the band held the temporary project name of M1/M2. In Dec of 2011, SM began releasing teasers of EXO via SM’s official youtube account. Originally, fans speculated for EXO to debut by the end of the year. To their horror, SM continued to troll their fanbase, releasing a grand total of 23 teasers and 2 prologue singles before EXO finally debuted on April 8th, 2012. Kris and Suho, the leaders of EXO-M and K, respectively, have stated that the long promotion period of 100 days was implemented to gradually introduce EXO to the international audience through various social media sites such as Youtube, facebook, and youku.

Teaser 1: [MY LADY] Kai dances in the water with a posh hat and a stylin’ vest. Fans are excited for the prospects of a new group and have positive responses for the background track.
Teaser 2: [TIME CONTROL] Kai and Lu Han dance under a neon colored lampshade with copious amounts of glitter.
Teaser 3: [METAL] Tao demonstrates his Wu Shu skills, swings a stick, and kicks a ball. Fandom is tricked into buying Tao’s badass image... which is a trap!
Teaser 4: [MY LADY] A second take of Teaser 1. Fans are confused but do not ask questions at this point.
Teaser 5: [MACHINE] Kai dances in what appears to be a... fumigated room while throwing dry powder around.
Teaser 6: [LIGHTSABER] Kai dances in another room with some fancy glow stick effects. Fans start to make “EXO-K stands for EXO-Kai" jokes.
Teaser 7: [RUN & GUN] A new face! Sehun and Kai dance to Run& Gun. Look at the fancy shadow art in the back! Look at their matching blazers/pants! Unfortunately, fans do not marvel at Sehun’s pretty face as they are distracted by Kai’s exposed chest.
Teaser 8: [BLACK PEARL] The most dramatic teaser yet. Some lucky crew members get to splash water on Sehun. At the very end of the teaser, SM releases a sneak preview of all 12 boys in the reflection of the water. I proceed to lose my shit screeching at my computer screen.
Teaser 9 [Angel] Sehun and Lu Han are traveling in an RV in … a deserted world? Fans rejoice because actual singing is heard in this teaser!
Teaser 10: [PHOENIX] Lay shows off his moves behind flaming geysers with suspiciously masked individuals dancing behind him. Fandom recognizes Lay as the same boy who subbed for Jonghyun during The SHINee World concert and begins digging deeper (More on Lay later).
Teaser 11 [LET OUT THE BEAST] Kai and Xiumin are chased through the streets by cars but are distracted from immediate danger by... looking directly into a lunar eclipse. Oh, wait, wasn’t there also an eclipse in Teaser 9? Oh SM. I SEE A MOTIF HERE.
Teaser 12: [TWO MOONS Ft. Key of SHINee] Lay and Kai ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO. Enough said.
Teaser 13: [WHAT IS LOVE] Sehun shows off how attractive he looks in blazers and uses Kai as a coat rack.
Teaser 14: [WHAT IS LOVE] Kai makes sweet dancing love to Sehun’s blazer.
Teaser 15: [METAL] Tao beats up the hooded people from Lay’s teaser while looking fashionable in tassled pants. Oh, and the eclipse is back.
Teaser 16: [REFLECTION I] Suho sits in a chair and D.O. flies a kite. THEIR PATHS CROSS OMINOUSLY UNDER ANOTHER ECLIPSE. Forget the Eclipse, I want to know why this song is titled Reflection I. Does this mean there will be a Reflection II? So many questions!
Teaser 17: [Angel] Dui Zhang Kris is introduced, but he doesn’t seem very excited about being the Leader of EXO-M and proceeds to... Fling himself off a building? Kris also demonstrations some impressive eclipse summoning skills-- Krisus memes are thus created.
Teaser 18: [EMERGENCY] IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING, BUT KAI’S BACK, grooving in snazzy pinstriped pants.
Teaser 19: [Beautiful] Baekhyun plays with the cutest dog ever while Chen reappears from the SM dungeons. Everyone continues to ignore the dangers of being blinded by looking straight into an eclipse.
Teaser 20: [EL DORADO] The long awaited appearance of the rumored member Chanyeol, who searches through a shack for an abandoned rock made of ~DARK MAGIC~. Remember the symbol on the rock, you guys. God, I feel like I’m writing an RPG walkthrough
Teaser 21: [Baby Don’t Cry] Kai demonstrates his air piano skills and dances to another song with actual lyrics!
Teaser 22: [Angel] Lay and Sehun dances inside of a cube while we marvel at the fancy camera work. Oh, look who appears at the end of the video? I’ll give you three guess.
Teaser 23: [Angel] This features 9/12 of the members and is by far my absolute favorite teaser! Look at the synchrony at 0:43!

Or you can watch all 23 teasers in one video here.

While airing the teasers, SM also released two “prologue" singles? Why does SM think they can get away with making up crazy shit like “prologue singles" before actually debuting EXO? Probably for the same reason they got away with mashing two songs together for SHINee’s long awaited comeback. Anyways, I digress!

WHAT IS LOVE [CHIN VER] [KOR VER] is a love song about being entranced by first impressions. The MVs consist of Baekhyun/D.O and Chen/Lu Han standing around Chanyeol’s hut while SM uses unreleased teasers as fillers. Yes, the set and outfits are near identical. It is also confirmed at this point that Chen is, in fact, not Chinese! So, wait, what is he doing in the Chinese subgroup?? Your questions will be answered in due time.

HISTORY [CHIN VER] [KOR VER] is about... planetary destruction? Actually, I have no clue what this song is about, but there are fake volcanoes and actual shots of the boy’s faces! This MV also introduces EXO’s fapping pocket dance, Baekhyun’s eyeliner, Chanyeol’s unexpectedly deep voice, Kris’s aluminum foil shirt, and some questionable looking pants with planet designs. Disregarding the smoking volcano in the background, this song is undeniably catchy, despite the questionable lyrics in the Chinese version that appears to have been google-translated from Korean.

After all 23 teasers were released, SM announced that EXO’s debut showcase would take place back-to-back in Seoul and Beijing, respectively. Fans received tickets to the showcases through a lottery system. SM has graciously uploaded and subbed the entire Korean showcase on youtube. The Chinese showcase is of significantly lower quality, but contains a much more hilarious Q&A segment in which Kai flirts awkwardly with Lu Han and Lu Han reveals Xiumin’s nickname. Both are must-watchs! During the Showcase, EXO also performed their actual debut track, MAMA.

MAMA [CHIN VER] [KOR VER] is an epic production in which SM alludes the division of EXO-K/M as the parting of heavenly bodies by the magical ~TREE OF LIFE~. Remember Chanyeol’s symbol from Teaser 20? It’s back, but now all the boys have magical powers and individual symbols as they roam the planet. According to SM, MAMA is about the disconnect of people caused by technology with some sort of socially conscious subtext, which only brings about more questions. Why are they dressed as monks in the intro? What is up with the cryptic chanting in English? Was the face painting/screamo part necessary? Once again, SM leaves us with more questions than answers.

After teasing the fans for nearly 4 months, EXO-K debuted on Inkigayo on April 8th with “MAMA" and “History" while EXO-M debuted during the 12th Yinyue Fengyun Bang Awards show in China.


EXO-K; Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Suho, D.O., Kai

EXO-K is not only the Korean counterpart of EXO-M, but its members are also considerably younger in age. Every K member is the respective maknae of their families, making them the true maknae group of the KPop scene. Suho has nominated himself to be the guardian of K, but it’s questionable whether the members take his guidance seriously. Kai, in particular, appears to be violently allergic to Suho’s skinship. While Suho, Kai, and Sehun (doubtful) try to maintain K’s professional image, the troublemaker trio consisting of Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and D.O. make funny faces on the side. In this highly educational video, EXO-K teaches us about traffic safety. Exhibit B: K dancing to Chanyeol’s beatboxing. Exhibit C: how they would charm the noona fans.

"Hello, I am the guardian of EXO-K, leader Suho"
Born Kim Joonmyun (김준면, 金俊勉) May 22, 1991

Designated as the leader and “guardian" of the group (his stage name 수호 means guardian), Suho takes on the role of a father who never seems to be able to keep his rambunctious kids under control. Apparently Suho makes all his members bond over chicken and insists on family meetings every Saturday where everyone is forced told to say nice things about one another. Clearly, this style of parenting has panned out well for our hippie father. Princess Joonmyun just wants to bake cakes and make everyone happy, okay? Suho is dubbed as the “smiling machine" due to his million-watts smile, one that will melt even the hardest of hearts and make grown men cry.

Even before debut, Suho was called the 2nd Choi Siwon (albeit 10 cms shorter) by korean netizens due to his obviously handsome features and clean-cut image. According to previous interviews, Suho was chosen to lead K not only because he trained for the longest time (7 years) and is the oldest of the lot, but also because Suho had always been the model student (he was the class president in elementary school, vice-chairman of the student body in middle and high school) during his school days and seemed to perfectly fit the mold of an ideal leader.

However, even our perfect leader is not without faults, though they only serve to make him even more endearing than he already is, as if that’s even possible. Our lovely Suho managed to fool fandom for nearly a month that he is the only hilarity-free member of EXO-K, but his performance of Angel (Into Your World) on Sukira soon changed most, if not all, previous conceptions of this seemingly flawless angel. In a brief second of emotional adlibing, flawfree angel Suho let his flag fry free. Poor guy will never live this down.

Maybe it’s his age, or maybe he’s just been training for far too long, but Suho has a penchant for acting like an old man with arthritis, leading fandom to endearingly call him “grandpa Suho” or simply “gramps.” As if it’s not bad enough that he’s a grandpa, he’s greasy as hell too with his air kisses and his fail!hearts that look more like potatoes than anything. He just can’t seem to do it like the youngins, you know? No matter what dance Suho is doing, like TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle, he exudes that grampy vibe. And occasionally, he’ll need to be guided back to his seat. You’re too young to be this senile already!

Oh, and he waves like a princess too. Go figures.

He doesn’t seem to know how to take a selca either … this guy. Bless his old soul.

But fear not, grandpa-and-occasionally-princess Suho is not without his redeeming qualities. Exhibit A: his abs. Exhibit B: not only does he look like an angel when singing, he sounds like one too. Exhibit C: leader Suho truly cares about his members (he’s their esuhort), and he’s charming to boot! Exhibit D: he’s a natural when it comes to modeling. Exhibit E: he may be a grandpa, but he sure is a dashing one. Exhibit F: did I mention that an angel is born every time he smiles?

  • Suho trained for 7 years and was cited on multiple artists’ thank you notes

  • His nickname is “Just Rich” because he’s from Gangnam School District 8, which is a high class area and known for golfing. Kai likes him because he buys food. His hobbies are golf and acting.

  • Suho has other odd nicknames like Junmen (Junmyun+Amen), Myunchael (Junmyun+Michael) which is apparently attributed to his “holy” presence on stage. He also earned the infamous nickname “Junmahao” from M’s maknae Tao, who could not for the life of him pronounce Joonmyun when he was just starting to learn Korean..

  • Suho is the polar opposite of a rebel, and the only time he has ever acted out was when he fought with his brother in junior high. Something to do with wanting to spend a night at a sauna …

  • Smiley Leader always seems so earnest, trying his hardest to please everyone while his kids bandmates do secret eyerolls or laugh at his fail. However! Sehun has once acknowledged that he really appreciates the way Suho takes care of him, as Sehun is the youngest. Magnae even called Suho his “lucky charm.” I bet Suho had a good, happy cry about this.

  • He has a brother four years older than him.

  • He is also currently concerned about his members’ taste buds because they are basic carnivores who only devour pizza, chicken and pork hocks for late-night snacks.

  • Yunho from TVXQ, gives Suho a lot of leaderly advice which consists of not reprimanding the members for trivial things, and to console/encourage them to do better. But Princess Joonmyun gets his claws out when the members aren’t respectful/well-behaved and reprimands them harshly!

  • He thinks he’d do best if EXO were to star in a real variety show because he’s the “caring type” and would embrace everyone.

“Hello, I am EXO-K’s sexy Dancing Machine" Kai
Born Kim Jongin ( 김종인, 金钟仁) Jan 14, 1994

Kai can’t decide which image he wants to maintain -- Dancing Machine or Aegyo King. Though he makes girls swoon with his suave dancing skills, Kai inflicts even more damage when he’s being unintentionally cute as fuck while clapping, of all things. While he dominated the majority of the teasers and is arguably the best dancer of EXO, Kai also endured a crippling waist injury during the entire MAMA promotion period. While Kai likes to adopt an undeniably sexual image, one must remember that he’s only three months away from being EXO’s maknae. Kai also has a penchant for employing a boob-grabbing motion with his hands when he waves, which brings out less-than-innocent thoughts from his fans.

While we all love sexy, teasing Kai for the tryhard that he is, Kai’s true secret to being a noona killer is by being a cutie patootie that brings out everyone’s maternal instincts. First and foremost, don’t be tricked into thinking that Kai is a cool kid, he is anything but. Though he was adamant on keeping his cool-guy image at first, this ball of fail slowly opened up to reveal aegyo-so-natural-it’s-not-even-aegyo that trumps his sexy card any day. One of the cutest and most endearing, though infuriating sometimes, thing about Kai is that he gets embarrassed easily, especially when he does aegyo, a very non-Kai-like thing to do obviously, or when he is scared shitless due to some confettis only to cover his face in shame seconds afterwards. Sleepyhead Kai is also a sight to behold. Kai’s cutest point though? Definitely his smile. Ugh, just. Look at him!

That isn’t to say that Kai isn’t a ridiculously handsome and sexy individual, because he is, but that side of him is much more attractive and appealing when all he does is stand there and just look damn fine as fuck. Kaisus.

  • Before being officially introduced as EXO’s dancing machine, Kai was put into the spotlight due to his close friendship with SHINee’s Taemin. Before the introduction of all 12 EXO members, Taekai dominated a formidable chunk of fandom, even though all Taemin and Kai ever do is laugh embarrassingly together and refuse to let go of each other’s hand. Oh, and sometimes they try to make out on stage. Here is an interesting discussion on their friendship.

  • Dancing Machine is also affectionately called “kkam-jjong” by his bandmates because of his real name (Jongin) and his notably tan skin which coordi-noonas try to hide with layers and layers of BB Cream. RUDE. LET THAT BEAUTIFUL TAN SHINE, SM

  • Another nickname for Kai is “Teaser Rich” because he appeared in the most amount of teasers.

  • Was professionally trained in popping, rocking, ballet and jazz! Let’s see those tap shoes, Kai!

  • Kai likes the manhwa “Top Blade” because it also has the character Kai in it.

  • On a charisma ranking the EXO-K members did, Kai won an unanimous first place and is very proud of it! Suho thinks Kai’s tanned skin is sexy sexy and is proud of his maknae’s “unique expression game.” Whatever that means, Princess Joonmyun!

  • Kai’s parents sent him to a private institute to learn Taekwondo and the piano many times but he quickly tired of them and opted for ballet after he watched “The Nutcracker” in grade four.

  • He’s not really concerned about age so rejoice, noona fans! Kai doesn’t mind if you call him “oppa” even if you’re five years older than him.
  • Despite how it seems like Kai’s got a sexy image, he was actually opposed to it at first. Now he is obedient and does it without questions but sometimes his cute side comes out as well!


“Happy Virus" Chanyeol
Born Park Chanyeol (박찬열, 朴灿烈) Nov 27, 1992)

Don’t be fooled by Chanyeol’s modelesque figure and handsome face. Underneath that pretty face and legs that stretch for miles is a hyperactive kid with an inability to control his facial expressions. Besides his height and very often crazed serial killer looks, Chanyeol is known for his unnaturally deep voice that is just eargasmic when he raps, or speaks in general, and doesn’t seem to match his youthful appearance at all. Chanyeol was rumored to be in the original line up for M1/M2 after starring in SNSD’s Japanese Genie MV. As the easily excitable rapper of EXO-K, Chanyeol is easily impressed, clapping his hands together like a whale and kicking his legs. PLEASE DON’T ACCIDENTALLY KICK SOMEONE OVER, CHANNY.

While we all love to troll on Chanyeolo for his existence, let’s not forget that behind all that teeth is an insanely gorgeous human being with an amazing body, face, and soul. His long limbs may make him an awkward dancer and he may have little to no control over his facial muscle contractions, but Chanyeol is a gift sent from the heavens. Exhibit A: his arms. Exhibit B: DEM THIGHS. Exhibit C: his face. Exhibit D: have more pretty. Exhibit E: flawfree elf. Exhibit F: he looks insanely good in glasses. Exhibit G: he’s been a flawfree human being since predebut, and who looks this good predebut, right? Exhibit H: pure perfection, really. However, besides being damn attractive, Chanyeol is also a breathing and living angel on earth, if I ever saw one. Behind that intimidating height is an adorable, young boy who just seems to be happy all the time and genuinely cares about his bandmates and his fans. He is never without a smile, creepy or not, and his entire existence just lights up a room with ~happy~ radiating out of his very pores.

  • Korean fans nicknamed Chanyeol “치아부자,” which means “Teeth-Rich” due to his impeccable pearly whites. EXO is just a group of rich bastards, ok?

  • Baekhyun has repeatedly stated in interviews that Chanyeol was his first true friend upon entering SM, and they have remained very closed as current roommates.

  • Chanyeol stated in the likes the nickname “Happy Virus” the most.

  • Chanyeol starred as a very coordinated paparazzi in SNSD-TTS’s Twinkle MV.

  • He participated and won 2nd place at the 2008 Smart Model Contest, where he played the electric guitar (not well),before he was recruited by SM.

  • Chanyeol can apparently play all sorts of instruments from the drums to the guitars, but we’ve only ever witnessed him play the drums during the radio interview K had on2PM Date with Joo Young Hoon and the last time he played the guitar … well, let’s just say it needed a bit more tuning, yeah?

Eyeliner-Diva Baekhyun
Born Byun Baekhyun (변백현, 边伯贤) May 06, 1992

With his strong, impressive vocals, Baekhyun was among the last few to join the group approximately a year before debut. One can describe Byun Baekhyun with just one word: bacon (or not??). The great majority of Baekhyun’s international fanbase knows of Baekhyun as Bacon, a homophone of this main vocalist’s real name, and this quickly became a popular meme at the beginning of EXO’s debut. He also forgot his own name during the Beijing show case and introduced himself as “Bacon.” And the moniker is a very fitting one too, since he likes to give fans greasy finger hearts everywhere he goes. Baekhyun has stated many times that he’s always wanted to be a singer, but was dropped from various companies before being scouted by an SM agent. He currently rooms with Chanyeol, who he became quick friends with since joining the company. Baekyeol were the first to display their snark during EXO-K’s first interview, in which they complained about each other’s sleeping habits while the rest of EXO-K members claimed to love their respective roommates.

Besides being perpetually misnamed as Bacon, Baekhyun is now a household name (within fandom anyways) due to his infamous predebut dancing videos. He seemed to have slowly gained control of his power of light with each newly revealed video even before SM discovered him and put him up to that ridiculous concept with the rest of his members. He was just meant to be in EXO, really. Out of all of the members, Baekhyun seems to have had the most hilarious, interesting, colorful, and fun-filled past, which is very evident in this fantastic cover of CN.BLUE’s Lovelight and his fabulous dancing to Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. If you didn’t want to be Baekhyun’s best friend 5ever before, you certainly would now thanks to these all-too-hilarious moments fortunately captured on film. Yay for cruel high school friends!

Baekhyun is also well-known in fandom for his fanboying nature, since he seems to be a hardcore stan of his SNSD seniors. THIS VIDEO SUMS IT UP.

Baekhyun is not the resident eyeliner-diva for nothing, since he sports the make-up nearly everywhere he goes, and looks damn fine in it too. Combined with his eyeliner, Baekhyun werking a suit is one of the hottest sights to behold.

While Baekhyun is very charismatic on stage with his strong high notes and popping neck veins, he is arguably one of the most aegyo-filled members due to his adorable smile.

  • Baekhyun received the nickname “Sun Gun” for the gun-shooting motion he does with his fingers and his bright, sun-shiny smile, arguably two of the most noticeable things about our vocalist.

  • Before SM granted Baekhyun the power of light, he had to manually turn on the lights. Retardation ensues.

  • Has worn more eyeliner in the last 2 months than all 6 of us have worn in our entire lives

  • He has nice fingers. A helpful person on tumblr has made it their mission to capture all pictures featuring the best fingers on ExoPlanet.

“D.Orchestra" D.O.
Born Do Kyungsoo (도경수; 都暻秀) January 12, 1993

Kyungsoo, the tiny judgmental vocalist of EXO-K, was first introduced in teaser 16 (January 30, 2012), and can be easily recognized due to his signature wide eyes - fans have named him 'rich-in-eye-whites,' because of his special talent for possessing significant eye-space around his irises. He is also known for being one of the shortest idols of SM Entertainment (standing at a whopping 173 cm, plus or minus 5 cm), having brilliant English pronunciation, and smiling with heart-shaped lips. Of course, in addition to all of this, Kyungsoo is the main vocalist in EXO-K, and tackles most of the vocal acrobatics in their songs. He was cast into SM in 2010 from the SM Casting System after winning a singing competition, and has since gotten past several anxiety-related hurdles to become one of the more stable vocalists of EXO.

When EXO first debuted, Kyungsoo was given the duty of introducing EXO-K's "MAMA" on Mnet Countdown as a 'majestic' piece, but forgot his lines, and instead ended up saying 'grand orchestra'. From then on, Kyungsoo suffered from minor cases of stage fright, as portrayed by their earlier "MAMA" performances. Recently, though, Kyungsoo has become a lot more confident both on stage and during fansigns, where he can be usually found goofing off with Baekhyun and Chanyeol. Despite his penchant for looking eternally nervous, Kyungsoo has an embarrassingly playful side that's simply a pleasure to watch. He is a D.O.rp, through and through. See what fandom did there, hurhur.

Kyungsoo is the 'mother' of the group, dubbed by the others as the cleanest and most nagging member. He cooks up a mean kimchi-spaghetti, according to Kai, who claims that it's spaghetti so good, you'll faint from eating it.

While we know Kyungsoo to be many things, he is simply the epitome of cute when it comes down to it. This boy will not fail to tug at your heartstrings and bring out your maternal instincts with his wide, adorable smile and his bulging eyeballs. Everything Kyungsoo does is cute. He even fails in the most adorable of ways. H O W. Kyungsoo’s entire existence can be defined by the term cute. Bias? What bias?

However, this doesn’t mean that Kyungsoo can’t be charismatic. He is a great performer, and is very well the third best dancer of the group. Yet, because of his innately adorable nature, of course Kyungsoo would look cute as fuck dancing with mostly his neck and shoulders. BOY IS JUST CUTE. CASE CLOSED. I swear this is just me abusing my maternal feels for this adorable baby duck, but YEOLO.

  • Kyungsoo said himself that he’d been a quiet kid in high school, and he didn’t tell anyone that he was an SME trainee.

  • He has a brother three years older than him.

  • Was voted unanimously by EXO-K as the cleanest and tidiest member.

  • Kyungsoo doesn’t like emoticons, so he uses 하트 (heart) instead, even going as far as saying it out out to his fans. Adorable much?

Magnae, Oh “Senshine" Sehun;
Born Oh Sehun (오세훈; 吴世勋), April 12, 1994

Sehun, the magnae of EXO-K and in all of EXO, was formally introduced as a member on January 10, 2012. He was scouted at the age of 12 and went through four auditions in two years before he got casted into SM in 2008. At first glance, Sehun intimidates with his ulzzang image, blessed with absurdly good looks but then he also makes the most absurd faces and you realise he is the hugest brat. Note for instance the strangely passionate ode he composed to milk when he was a pubescent:

“Sehun's diary: 23 Nov 2006 Title: Milk "Milk from school. Top grade milk. When you drink the milk it has a rich taste. In the winter milk is aromatic. Milk with calcium. Double the times better than normal milk. Milk with 8g fat."

There are other excerpts from Sehun’s diary floating around in which he mentions checking out a pretty male teacher in fifth grade and in which he says he wants to be the President and likes and hates dogs at the same time. Sehun can be oddly 4-D at times and also troubled his stans with his inability to emote and lack of lines at first. However, his fans are now exceedingly proud with all of the thirty seconds worth of lines Sehun has been blessed with. His one (and only) shining moment during every Mama performance consistently remains “TURN BACK" for now. Senshine’s collarbones serve as more than enough consolation though.

  • Sehun has a brother three years older to him.

  • His specialities are dancing and acting. Something worth noting is his breakdancing abilities!,

  • Kai mentioned at Sehun’s birthday celebration that he’s known Sehun for four years. Maknaes who are embarassing bros for life! Suho has mentioned likewise as well.

  • When grilled questioned further, Sehun played the diplomat and said he’s close to everyone!

  • His nickname is “Noona Rich” because according to this cuteness ranking the EXO-K members made, Sehun made it to an unanimous vote of first place. Apparently he is so cute they can never tell him off.

  • Sehun doesn’t think he’s cute himself and wishes that you all refer to him as a handsome devil.

  • He considers his milky white skin and long horizontal eyelashes/brows to be his best physical attributes.

  • According to the maknae, he is shy but gets close to people very quickly! Sehun says that when he gets close to someone he becomes much more talkative and jokey. This self-confessed complete 180 change is also seen more with guys and Kai insists he is cute does a lot of aegyo.

  • Sehun doesn’t gain weight and is one of those people with fast metabolisms that the rest of us not-so-blessed souls envy.

  • Kai says Sehun is scary when he uses informal speech and pretends to talk to himself. Sehun also has a habit of putting his arms around his hyungs’ shoulders and asking them if “it” is tasty. We propose you make your own inappropriate inferences as to what “it” is.

  • Sehun has a lisp and underbite, thus giving EXO fandom plenty of “THEHUN THARANGHYEO” jokes to make at his expense.

  • He claps his hands like a baby seal and makes a lot of weird faces.

  • He has some fine moments as well.

  • Occasionally, he likes to pretend he’s a badass.

  • He also sticks his tongue out a lot.

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