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Kris's middle school basketball coach talks about him

What Kris’ Chinese middle school basketball team coach said about Kris!!!!
Above: The basketball court at Kris’ old middle school in China
(Note, he has lived in Canada since he was little, came back to China for 1 year and attended Guangzhou No.7 Middle School for 8th grade, and then went back to Canada)

1. Kris played basketball pretty well (this is considered a very high remark from this particular school’s basketball coach)
2. When Kris came back to Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School to study, he also trained for and practiced basketball at the sports department.
3. Kris was the basketball team captain, his position was frontline. The coach originally wanted him to play the point guard, since this is the most crucial position and many team captains are also team point guards, we don’t know why Kris didn’t take that position. 
4. When Kris was about to graduate from 8th grade, all the teachers wanted to keep him so he can continue to lead the school basketball team. But because of his language grades (after all, he only stayed in China for 1 year), the school didn’t keep him (imagine that if he stayed… we wouldn’t have Kris to lead EXO-M today! T.T). Anyways, his departure lead to the disbandment of the entire school basketball team!!! This demonstrates how valuable Kris was to the team with his superb basketball skills.
5. Kris’ mother really loves him. Kris also had very good manners and etiquette. Every time the team traveled to Beijing to compete, Kris’ mother would come along and recorded the entire thing. (lol can she share?)
6. Kris was a very obedient kid~ He was also very innocent/naive

source: ooz_4@exo baidu bar 

If this is true, it explains why he passed the tongue twister off to Lu Han and why he's such a bro haha :P

Can we also talk about how good the guys looked at their fanmeet?!? 

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