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Exo-K talk about the M members in The Star


EXO was born in a very peculiar way as they debuted in Korea and China at the same time, on the same day. They’re identical twins coming from the same tree but separated into two roots. While they were continuing to promote their title song ‘MAMA’, EXO-M introduced EXO-K to the medias first, and also sent them warm messages making us feel their strong brotherly love. This time EXO-K are rolling up their sleeves to introduce EXO-M.

◆ EXO-K Chanyeol, Kris “Even as a man myself, he’s really a handsome man”

EXO-M’s leader Kris is a model boy who can speak 4 languages: Korean, Chinese, English and Cantonese. He is capturing women’s hearts with his outstanding handsome features, his manly voice and his leader’s charisma too.

Recently, Kris asked after Chanyeol in a Chinese interview and asked him if he was doing well, so Chanyeol sent him warm greetings “Contrary to what Kris hyung is worrying about, I’m doing well. Hyung took really good care of me but after being separated for almost a month to promote, I miss you very very much, I want to see you soon so we can practice together”.

◆ EXO-K D.O, Xiumin “He’s a lovely hyung just like me”

EXO-M’s lead vocal Xiumin has such a baby face that even when he is with his dongsaengs, you can’t see him as a hyung, he is the eldest of the team. He is in EXO-M promoting in China but he is a Korean member speaking Chinese well.

“Xiumin hyung has a similar role to mine in EXO-M. Should we call it the mom’s role? Our common point is that we are very tidy and our bags are always organized. He also has this cute side that makes his age impossible to guess. It’s a hyung whom I love very much”.

◆ EXO-K Sehun, Luhan “He has the looks, he can sing, it’s a man who doesn’t lack anything”

EXO-M’s multitalented Luhan has pretty features, a lovely smile, a mellow voice, it’s a boy that can open up your heart in a second. His specialties are his elaborated dance skills and that he can speak Korean and Chinese with both clear and precise pronounciation.

“Luhannie hyung has a pretty face, he can dance well, he can also sing well, he really doesn’t lack anything. He can also have a personality as cute as his cute features and can change totally to manly charms”.

◆ EXO-K Kai, Lay “The 4-dimensional dancing machine that fills a part of my memory”

EXO-M’s Lay is the team’s main dancer that captivates the audience with his precise and powerful dance. If Kai sprinkles magic powder on the dance with his sexy stare, Lay is a different dancing machine with his strong charm that outbursts like fire.

“It must be because I spent my trainee days dancing all night with Lay hyung but everytime I dance I think about Lay hyung. Lay hyung is as precious as this to me but sometimes he is so 4D, to a level you can’t even imagine it, it really surprised me. Once I asked him to buy me food and he asked me to do some aegyo, this is absurd. (Laughing after being quickly serious) I never did aegyo. (The members collapse while bursting out laughing)”.

◆ EXO-K Suho, Chen “He is soft on the outside but on the inside he has a strong tough spirit”

EXO-M’s main vocal Chen is the one who gave birth to the charm of the Chinese version of ‘Mama’, which emits a different feeling than the Korean version with his timbre that starts softly, and blossoming strongly. Just like Xiumin, Chen is one of the Korean members of the team.

“When I want to listen to Chen’s singing, I ask him and he sings really well. He is a member with a timbre that can make even your heart warm up. While promoting in China, Chen introduced me in an interview as polite and exemplary so I won’t lose to him and will say that polite Chen is soft on the outside but he has a strong tough spirit on the inside, he is this style of a member”.

◆ EXO-K Baekhyun, Tao “He is soft on the outside but in the inside he has a strong tough spirit” (T/N: Reporters’ copy/paste mistake)

EXO-M’s maknae Tao has a peculiar specialty that you cannot find in standard idol groups’ members. Even in the debut teaser videos, he was introduced with ‘martial arts’. Tao is ensorcelling them with his flashy martial arts skills and is a ‘pet-nam’ (T/N: A pet-man, a man that is like a pet) that wakes up the fans’ protective instincts with his faint Korean.

“Tao has a soft heart and a warm personality. Above all, during an interview, because Tao likes me a lot, he said he missed me and he looked like he was going to cry. I like Tao a lot too. He is really kind, he’s good at martial arts, he’s a cool kid”.

◆ “Until the day we dominate the world with EXO’s music”

Even if they want to see each other they can’t, giving their best to each other in different places, this is all EXO-K and EXO-M can do, living like this today while treasuring their affection for each other. They can’t meet each other, miss each other, and despite what they want they have to promote separately, always yearning for each other.

“Not too long ago it was Sehunie’s birthday, EXO-M sent a video message to our manager hyung saying ‘Happy birthday’ ‘We miss you’. So since Luhannie hyung’s birthday is coming up too, we replied with a video message saying ‘Happy birthday. We miss EXO-M a lot’. Because we can’t contact each other, we’re satisfied with video messages”-Kai

EXO are aiming for both of K-POP’s core, Korea and China, and as Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, etc. have set a lot of new records before them, we asked them what kind of record do they want to set.

“K-POP is known worldwide but I hope EXO will lead it. And until EXO is known to the whole world, until the day the whole world knows about EXO? (Members: It sounds like a manhwa’s theme song? Haha)“-Suho

“We want to set the record of dominating the world with EXO’s music”-Baekhyun

On May 11th, the group EXO-K’s HD Interviews will be released on the different star stories ‘The Star’ (www.the-star.co.kr) and we’re holding an interview comment event giving away signed polaroids (6 members) and miniposters(6 members). It’s from the 11th to the 17th, the announcement will be made on the 18th.

Source: The Star
Translated by the good emilie over at exok-trans

Most of these are sort of generic and somewhat reactive to what the M members have already said about the K members, but I like what Kai said about Lay the most :D Need moar Lay+Kai dancing.

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