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120509 Xiumin fan board replies continuation

Second part of his replies. Boy really like to play with his fans hehe

[FAN] Oppa you’re too much
Why do you make people suffer like this
ToT Xiumin you’re an idiot
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
You’re an idiot too ^^♡

[FAN] ♥Minseok oppa♥ Oppa you left something at the fansign in Cheong Ryang Ni
Oppa your handsomeness T______T (T/N : It’s a pun on handsome and seaweed) You left it in Cheongnyangni T________T
I’ll go to Youngdeungpo to give it back to you~~♥♥ You were so jjang today *_* !!! kekeke

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
What did I leave behind !?
What is it….
Is it my heart……♡

[FAN] If I get a reply from you Minseok I’m gonna die….
From happiness…….
T___T So Minseokie is being considerate
And not replying T______T You’re really nice T______T seriously T_____T
keke Minseok-ah I like you kekekekekekekekekekekeke
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
So if I leave you a reply you’re going to die…??? keke
Ay die bbyong♡

[FAN] Minseok-ah nuna isn’t really important but there’s something I’m curious about !
Minseokie do you like potatoes or sweet potatoes better?
If you read this, leave me a reply… T_________T……….
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I like pumpkin kekeke

[FAN] Oppa if you don’t reply to me I’m not going to see you tomorrow~
See you on my screen tomorrow again T_T
Since I can’t go [to the fansign]…
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
Since I left a reply
You’re going to see us right??? ke
See you tomorrow~~

[FAN] Xiuminseok ! Since you had a fansign today your hand hurts right!
Nuna will blow~ on it kekekeke
I love you~♡
[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
If it’s for you guys
My wrist will be fine !! kekekeke
Don’t worry^^

[XIUMIN] Hello~ This is EXO-M’s dumpling XIUMIN~~^^
I am sorry I couldn’t reply to all your messages T_T
Next time I will move my fingers at the speed of the light !!
I was really happy to meet everyone closely at the fansign ^^ keke
You will come again tomorrow right??? If you don’t I will be a bit„ sad…ke
I really really liked being able to discuss with everyone !!! Ang♡

Good night~♥
Ah !!! See you at the fansigns tomorrow in Youngdeungpo and on Friday in Incheon~~ Good night^^

translation cr; saphira, xuan, angi @ exom-trans/ exok-trans @Tumblr

I hope splitting the post into 2 is alright with the MODS! Remove or merge if it breaks the rules please :)

I'm so happy we're getting some more Exo-M stuff! 

How is it possible for him to be the oldest? So cute!

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