m a r y a m ♥ (natsudive) wrote in exochocolate,
m a r y a m ♥

120506 EXO-K on Inkigayo

source: namja1to4@YT

speedy, speedy fandom~ not HD, but it shouldn't take long for that to show up, of course. replaced with better quality.

everyone looked really good today! sehun's hair is back. also, really tight pants. (*_________*) baekhyun seemed to have laid off on the eyeliner, lol. and kai and chanyeol did the screaming part together. (i think. on my headphones, it sounded like that? please tell me i am not the only one who ships those two.)

here's a little something silly i found for our favorite breakfast item's birthday.

he's tony pajamas!

(p.s. silly tumblr raging about the 'bacon' tag. it baffles me that people were even tracking it in the first place, lol.)
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