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131105 EXO News and Social Media Update

EXO for November's Men's Style Cover

[Large Photo]

EXO Fanclub News

I only saw a rumor but the comments are saying it's confirmed that EXO will announce the official fanclub name and color on the first episode of EXO's Showtime on November 28th...[OP Comment: Umm...f(x)?]

EXO Hosting Melon Award

EXO and Lee Yoo Bi Host 2013 Melon Awards

'2013 Melon Music Awards' has announced the MCs for its upcoming awards ceremony, revealing them to be EXO and Lee Yoo Bi!

The star boy group and actress will be co-hosting the ceremony happening on the 14th as confirmed by Loen Entertainment and Melon.

This news puts icing on the cake for EXO as the boys have already been selected as part of Melon's 'Top 10 Artists' of the year based on fan votes as well as music sales.

The ceremony itself will be streamed through MBC Music, Daum, Melon, and YouTube, so there's no reason for you to miss this!

Article is from that horrid site I won't name

131105 MBC Idol Radio weibo update: Kris, Lay with Fei, Jia, Zhoumi, & Tasty

Tao's Weibo Update

Long time no see,HL,I really miss you guys.Thank you to all the HL who have given me so much,no matter if it’s voting,tieba,the pictures you took for me and the videos you made,every single letters and every single present,I’ve seen them all,and the people that did fan support during every live performance are really awesome too,for letting me being able to see you guys,I’m really happy and I really like it.For these,you guys have sacrificed so much,I know.Despite that,you guys still did them for me.Thank you guys,HL~♥

And thank you,everything that every EXO fans has done for us.Without you guys,the EXO today would not exist.I love you guys.♥

I hope that in the future,no matter where we go or what kind of stage we’re standing on,I can see you guys in one glance.HL will always be the most special entity,if you guys are one,you guys are unstoppable.The most supreme HL,you guys are the most awesome,the best!Forget the HZT who just debuted,that person does not exist anymore!The current me is different from you guys.I am slowly growing up,you guys are slowly getting stronger.I don’t belong to anyone!But I live for HL!

Please remember,you must feel proud as a HL,because you guys are the most special,most respectable,most strongest and ubiquitous HL.No one can ever be compared to you guys.Because I have you guys,I feel proud.Fighting~

Trans taken from Tao-hua

Xiumin & Lay will be special DJs for MBC Radio SSTP on Nov. 7th

Suho and Kai are hosting SuKira on November 7th

<11월 7일 목요일 스페셜 DJ>

교육자 집안에서 자라
예의바르고 진중하기가 여의도역에 그지없지만,
진짜 털털하고 수더분한 남자!!!
토크거리가 혹부리 영감님 뺨치게 많은 남자!!
EXO를 수호하는

EXO의 수호씨!!!!

<옥상 옆 대나무 숲>에서 빅웃음 준 보이.
이번엔, 디!제!이!다!
슈키라를 위해선,
염색까지 하는 남자!!!
상황극 연기, 진짜 기가막히게 하는 남자.

EXO의 카이씨!!!!

And lastly Chanyeol is back

Lots of EXO to look forward to...it's 3am and I have to be at work at 730am so I'm going to sleep now. Ciao!
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