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ENG SUBBED 130719 EXO on I Live Alone + ENG SUBBED 130711 EXO at Cultwo + 130716 Weibo Update

EXO on Kangta's I Live Alone...our awkward Kangta Oppa...

Kangta...LOL...I started laughing from the moment he said he wanted to put their names on their jerseys because there are too many...and his reaction to the fangirl screams

Why am I still so surprised by how tall Kris is?  My dongsaeng is huge compared to the rest of them except Chan and Tao who are RIGHT next to him emphasizing how short everyone else is

EXO is all, "Must take full advantage of this opportunity to break our diet!"

Yes Kangta...you debuted when Sehun was TWO...LOL...

Don't feel so awkward with the EXO kids Kangta...you squishy cute old man...LOL

Actually all I can think is that this shows how awesome Victoria's personality is.  She went on his cooking show, took it over, overtly flirted, and purposefully flustered Kangta's awkward self LOL

cr: SMentEXO

[EXO on Cultwo]
EXO on Cultwo...

I don't like the MC's on this show but that subbing team worked hard to produce this so...

You work that super side eye and perfect comedic timing Kris!

cr: SMentEXO

[Weibo Update]Weibo Update

参加2013 KAZAN 夏季 Universiade大会闭幕式的EXO已经顺利抵达俄罗斯KAZAN了,谢谢来到MOSCOW和KAZAN机场的歌迷们!

EXO who is participating in the closing ceremony of the 2013 KAZAN Summer Universiade has safely arrived in Kazan, Russia, Thank you to the fans who came to the Moscow and Kazan airports!

cr: EXO-M Trans

I was going to post my KCON outfits under a spoiler cut so I could be identified...but there is another month to go and it'd be awkward...LOL

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