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KBS-R Cool FM Yu In Na’s Volume Up OT12 party + EXO @ Cheonan Fansign, aka photo spam post

Exocholate seems to be overwhelmed lately with news I see xD

Also, EXO-M will be attending tomorrow, on June 23, Asian Dream Cup Charity Football Match at Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium! \o/
Luhan and Tao will be playing in the Asian Dream Cup soccer game. EXO-M will be performing Mama, History, and Wolf.

OT6 Wolf Ya'll! *__*

edit: another source says it's actually Xiumin with Luhan who will be playing, and not Tao.
OP may think this is more confirmed, but still we just have to wait and see :)
The Asian Dream Cup should be broadcasted, so let's hope for live streaming links.

EXO used a lot of Japanese words today, and it was mostly “stop! faster! help! no! amazing! feels good!” and a fan joked that maybe they all watched porn together.
cr: 海天月夜

Fan: Does your waist still hurt?
Yixing: Yes, but the love from fans and my members make it so that it doesn't hurt that much ^^
cr: EXO后援会

Sehun said that he does not want to participate on We Got Married; that reporters just wrote that. Suho asked, "Would you want to go on if Miranda Kerr were your partner?" Sehun laughed, and said no, explaining that there is a language barrier. Chanyeol said that they could use body language to communicate instead.
cr: 海天月夜

Lu Han changed his hair color, and he also had special exercises.Then he asked XiuMin: Rght? Right?
cr: 鹿晗吧_LuhanBar
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