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EXO Fashion Discussion Post

Slim-fit Training Pants // KRW 59,000
Special Zip-up Hoodie // KRW 71,300
Big Pop-eyes T-shirt // $37.90

Pony: Greenwich Casual Sneakers KRW 80,100

Below, I have made a selection of outfits EXO members have worn. Most of them you’ve probably seen at the airport, but you might also recognize some from events.

I’ve picked, for the most part, a few outfits which I liked, though you will occasionally see some examples of questionable fashion choices for the sake of diversity (lol).

I haven’t posted any stage outfits, but that could be a good topic for another post in the near future.

Let’s start this post with EXO-M’s resident fauxshonista, Tao:

While known to everyone for his love of leopard, many haven’t forgotten Tao’s obsession with brands and skulls:

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Tao - GUCCI (As seen at Incheon Airport departing to Philippines, 130119.
Flap Monogram Canvas Backpack in Beige & Blue | Image Source: cris樣)

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Tao - MERKURY (As seen at Gimpo Airport departing to China, 130126.
Skull Earphones in Silver | Image Source: TAO seaside)

Joyrich: No. 1 Boy Currency Tee $61.85
Gucci: Hi-top Sneaker $495
GG Pierce Zip-around Wallet $425
Tendence: Gulliver Medium – Hydrogen Black IPY Skull $389.99
Image Credit: HanaKim


Next on the chopping block is the_erotomanic's favorite fashion terrorist Lu Han.

Let's begin with an outfit I love:

Leather Sleeve Hoodie KRW 135,000
Diamond Pattern Sweatshirt KRW 88,000
Louis Vuitton: Keepall 45 Bandoulière in Monogram Macassar $1,620
Image Credit: EXOST

The next outfit places poor LuLu in pajama-wear territory:

As seen at Incheon Airport back from the Philippines, 130120.
(Lucky Goblin Cat Hoodie in Baby Violet and Warm Grey & Fly Penguin Crewneck Sweater in Baby Blue | Image Source: deer LuHan)

However, no Luhan fashion post is complete without a nice selection of hats. Luhan has worn many hats, but OP has chosen one which brings out his inner cuteness. For a manlier example of headgear, you can click here.

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Lu Han - ASK
As seen on the way to TVXQ’s Concert, 121118.(Deer Knit Pompom Hat in Grey & Yellow | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: EXO1Dozen)


Resident Trollmaster Chen seems to like casual and comfortable clothing. OP had a difficult time narrowing it down to three pictures (which is why he has 4 pictures). But it is very clear that his coats are to die for:

Kravitz: Plaid-detail Toggle Jacket // KRW 228,000
Image Credit: jongdae0921.com

Evisu: Aztec Padded Vest // KRW 130,660
Image Credit: BELONG TO YOU

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Chen - ASK
As seen at SOPA Graduation Ceremony, 130207.
Shearling Double Breasted Coat in Khaki | Image Source: mimpz |

Even when dressing for warmer weather, Chen manages to look very comfortable, while keeping up with his trolling ways:

Tokio Plus Alpha: Crocodile Character Tee // KRW19,800
SPOTTED: Incheon Airport on the way to Shanghai, 120914
Image Credit: SERAPHIC

Like Chen, Xiumin dresses for comfort. However, no matter how casual his style is, he always manages to look absolutely adorable in the process:

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Xiu Min - ASK
As seen at Gimpo Airport arrival from China, 120127.
Nordic Padded Hood Vest in Red | Image Source: DOREMI CODE |

DOHC: Signature Robot Long-sleeve Tee // KRW 38,997
Playmonsters: Hexagonal Stadium Jacket // KRW 89,100
Image Credit: black-rouge

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Xiu Min - BUCKAROO
As seen at Gimpo Airport departing to China, 130126.
Vintage Field Jacket in Khaki | Image Source: DOREMI CODE

And since no Xiumin post is complete without a beanie (the one pictured above is from CONVERSE)


Moving on, we reach EXO's MCM stan, Yixing. Even though he is known for his love affair with his brown MCM backpack, Yixing still manages to dress casually and comfortably.

Kravitz: Houndstooth Jumper // KRW 175,000
MCM: Vintage Trunk ‘Vasco’ Backpack // KRW 695,000
Image Credit: guoguo

Kravitz: Plaid-detail Toggle Jacket // KRW 228,000
Image Credit: EXOM-LAY.com

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Lay - SYSTEM homme
As seen at Incheon Airport departing to Philippines, 130119.
Double Breasted Coat in Blue | Image Source: ARTS NEWS |

Bonus: Lay's MCM Belt ;)


Finally, the only EXO-M member left is obviously my king, Duizhang. While known for his elegant airport fashion, Duizhang has had a few (well...lately a lot) of misses. Whether he is going through a fashion crisis, or just waiting for his hair to grow back, most fans (except for the_erotomanic) agree that his denim Super Mario jumpsuit was a nightmare come to life. While OP can't find who designed that monstrosity, she has made a selection of outfits for M's resident greaseball.

Firstly, a blast from the past:

Emporio Armani: Jacket with Three Cloth Pockets $1,095
Burberry: Charcoal Check Belt $325
Burberry: Button-Down Gingham Shirt $195
ALL SPOTTED: Guangzhou Airport, 121115
Image Credit: 5xuan璇; CICI我會飛

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Kris - As seen at Beijing Airport departing to Seoul, 130314.

BURBERRY LONDON Trench Coat // Image Source: 米粉BOBO |
ALEXANDER McQUEEN // Woven Leather Skull Bracelet in Black | Image Source: Fruit X Fruit
CONVERSE // CT Classic Boot Hi Nubuck Sneakers in Athletic Navy | Image Source: Korea Times
S.T.DUPONT // Black-rim Square Sunglasses // Image Credit: sunnyittiban

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Kris - As seen at Gimpo Airport arrival from China, 130127.

PUMA x pushBUTTON // Transformer Down Jacket in Burgundy | Image Source: kriScorpio
NEW ERA // Toronto Blue Jays Black on Black 59FIFTY Cap | Image Source: EXO Eclipse

And now we move on to EXO-K, starting with the recent birthday boy, life-ruiner, and Oh-Dult, Oh Sehun, who looks all grown up in these outfits!

Kai-aakmann: Brass Button Double Breasted Coat // KRW 313,120
Image Credit: aiolos

Kai-aakmann: Plaid Shirt // KRW 65,350
Kai-aakmann: Reversible Embroidered Jacket // KRW 287,020
Kravitz: Felt High-cut Shoes // KRW 129,000
Image Credit: BELONG TO YOU; sehuna.com

As seen at Incheon Airport arriving from Bangkok, 130316.
Kai-aakmann - Two Buttons Basic Jacket in Blue | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: Sehuna


Up next is EXO-K's resident fashion terrorist, Kai, who is responsible for one of the most infamous items in EXO History (though my gag-reflex tells me Kris' denim jumpsuit from hell might have upstaged it). Behold, the infamous Mandals/Kaidals!

Codes Combine: Gladiator Sandals ($115)
Spotted: 10 Corso Como Event, 120607

Besides his love for mandals, Kai has shown interest in harem pants, which seem comfortable enough for a dance practice:

As seen leaving SME Building, 130206.
Geometric Low Crotch Leg Pants, Pro Star Warm HI Sneakers in Grey & Checked Stadium Jacket in Red | Image Source: RaSW

Dancing with Lay might have had its side-effects, as Kai was clearly bitten by the MCM bug:

MCM: Safari Large Backpack $699
Louis Vuitton: Passport Cover in Damier Graphite Canvas $305
SPOTTED: Incheon Airport, 130315
Image Credit: Koriam


Up next is EXO-K's resident mother hen, Kyungsoo (whose first outfit is the reason I made this post; I love it so much).

Kai-aakmann: Two-tone Rider Jacket // KRW 782,920
Image Credit: SUAVE ISLAND

Kyungsoo clearly likes to keep warm, which is why the next outfit is perfect for him.

Design United: Navy Fur-trim Hoodie; KRW 47,600
Image Credit: BELONG TO YOU

Lastly, we have another jacket. Isn't he cute?

[Style I.D.] EXO-K D.O. - MONCLER
As seen going to KBS Music Bank, 130222.
Eusebe Bomber Jacket in Brown | Image Source: 9493 ROOM


Our next victim is Kris' manservant, Chanyeol. While he's not busy passing the mike to Kris and nodding at everything he says, (though I can't imagine why one would do that), Chanyeol likes to show fans some Big Foot realness while prowling the airport.

[Style I.D.] EXO-K Chan Yeol - As seen at Incheon Airport arrival and at Kuala Lumpur International Airport departing to Seoul 130116.

STONE ISLAND SHADOW: Fishtail Diagonal-R 3L Bonded Wool & Linen Parka in Black | Image Source: chan10
JAMBANGEE: Crewneck Cable Knit Sweater in Charcoal Marl Grey | Image Source: ALL THE BEST LUCK

Kai-aakmann: Funnel-neck Mustang Jacket // KRW 347,920

Corso Como 10: Never Forget!

[Style I.D.] EXO-K Chan Yeol - Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain & Rick Owens

As seen at 10 Corso Como Seoul Melody Launch Party, 130328.

Jacquard Double Breasted Mimosa Coat in Black, Printed Oversized Eagle T-Shirt in White & Classic Leather Geobasket Sneakers in Black & White | Image Source: NEWSis |


The next EXO-K member is everyone's favorite grandpa, Suho. As the self-proclaimed guardian of EXO, Suho's fashion choices reflect his archaic choice of title.

[Style I.D.] EXO-K Su Ho - As seen at Incheon Airport departing to KMW in Bangkok, 130315.

CONVERSE x JOHN VARVATOS // CT Studed Hi-Top Sneakers in Black Image Source: Made in HEAVEN
HARE: Doctor Coat in Green | Image Source: TVREPORT

[Style I.D.] EXO-K Su Ho - BUCKAROO
As seen at SOPA Graduation Ceremony, 130207.
Stand Up Collar Field Jacket in Marl Grey | Image Source: UPPERCLASS

Kai-aakmann: M-65 Field Jacket in Black & Contrast Sleeve Shirt in Beige | Image Source: SUHO PLANET


Last but not least, fashionista in training Baekhyun is up on the chopping block! This segment is my personal favorite.

[Style I.D.] As seen at Incheon Airport departing to KMW in Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport arriving for KMW in Bangkok, 130315

Kravitz: Suede & Rubber Sole Boots in Blue | Image Source: Newsen
Kai-aakmann: M-65 Field Jacket in Blue | Image Source: Newsen
BILLYKIRK: Ash Waxed Canvas & Brown Leather Medium Carryall | Image Source: MINOR PLANET
COMME des GARÇONS PLAY: Black Heart Emblem Wool Cardigan in Grey | Image Source: MINOR PLANET
HARE: Pocket Square Sapphire Scarf in Blue | Image Source: Newsen
LOUIS VUITTON: Damier Graphite Passport Cover | Image Source: EXOST

Kravitz: Aztec Cotton Jacket // KRW 165,000
Image Credit: BABY LION.

And this final look, dedicated to design_ok :P

GIVENCHY: Baek Hyun’s sheer top is from Givenchy’s RTW Fall 2011 Collection.

As seen at 10 Corso Como Seoul Melody Launch Party, 130328.

Sheer Silk & Fleece Sweatshirt in Black | Image Source: Review Star | DO NOT EDIT

What are your favorite/least favorite outfits from the ones you’ve seen here? Are there any outfits you’ve liked/hated and have not been mentioned? Feel free to post your opinions.

As the MAMA era will come to a close (hopefully), and as the warm season approaches, what clothes would you like to see EXO wear at the airport or at events?

Sources: I owe my firstborn to exocouture and theexostyle. They're amazing!
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