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160206 [From. CHEN] update

[From. CHEN] 안녕하세요~~ (“Hello~~”)


안녕하세요~~ 첸입니다!
어제 방송했던 인기가요에서 1등을!!!!
1등을~~~!!!ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 정말 감사합니다♡

이 노래를 녹음할 때 여러분들께
작년 한해 수고 많았다고 고생 많았다고
2017년 한해도 힘내서 화이팅 하자는 의미를 담아
작은 선물로 드리고 싶었는데.

이렇게 1등이라는 선물을 오히려 제가 받게 되다니.....
다시 한번 우리 EXO-L들에게 감동을 받았어요♡
앞으로도 좋은 노래들로 많이 보답할게요!

마지막으로 좋은 노래 함께 할 수 있게 해준
다듀형들께도 감사하고. EXO-L 고맙고 사랑해요♡

Translation: “Hello~~ I’m Chen!
Yesterday on Inkigayo we came in 1st!!!!
Number 1~~~!!!! Hahahahahaha thank you so much♡

While recording this song I thought of you all
and how you worked so hard and did so well last year
I wanted to give you all strength and energy for 2017 as well
As a small gift.

Like this, I have unexpectedly received the present of 1st place…..
Once again I am moved by EXO-L♡
In the future I’ll continue to present you with many good songs!

Finally I need to thank DyDu1 hyungs with whom I was able to sing this good song.
EXO-L, thank you and I love you♡”

(1Note: A popular abreviation for Dynamic Duo.)

source: Official EXO-L site | translation: Dailyexo
Tags: ▲ member: chen, ☀ official website, ♫ translation
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