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EXO analysis

EXO teaser & MV analysis~

This text is written with the intention to show people who give comments on MAMA’s MV after they have watched it claiming there was too much fantasy included in the MV just to make them look more presentable that well, it’s not exactly what you think

MAMA has really unexplainable content

People who are unaware and only get to know EXO through their MAMA MV will think “Although they are really handsome, I can’t get the message they are trying to convey”, that is, of course unavoidable.

EXO is not simply just a set but a full, well planned story which makes it even harder to understand.

Although personally I can’t fully understand it, I am just going to tidy up and collate what I know.

Let’s get started with the name “EXO”

EXO was derived from the name EXO PLANET
All 12 of them have super powers but upon landing on earth, they experienced memory loss and carry the misconception that they are humans living on earth.

This sign is in the shape of a Key.
Kai’s name is “kai” which means open, in chinese.
The meaning of an opening or an awakening.

Although they exist on the same planet, they aren’t aware of each other’s existence.
Let’s start speaking from the most prominent member, Kai …

Personally I feel like the 23rd teaser to be released, “Into your world” is like the teaser of an instruction manual EXO has about the world.

In there, Kai is like a magician going everywhere in the motion of awakening all the other members. On the surface it can be seen as an action at achieving freedom and travelling between the time space of M and K, he is the only member who plays the role of waking up the other 11 legends.

We can see Kai as the one who wakes up the others who have super powers in order to joint bridges between M and K.
Kai is the one who realised his powers and his mission early. Minimising the mistakes made while travelling between the two universe is his mission.
(If you look in M and K’s MV you realise that Kai is walking around provocatively behind the members)
However, in the beginning Kai was young and not mature enough so although he has the skills to teleport, he only did it to spaces he wanted, not time. Therefore, he was unable to fulfill his mission in time and time space soon became unstable, both worlds were in the danger of destruction.

Take a look at the intro of MAMA’s MV. After watching all 23 teasers you will feel a peculiar sense of familiarity. This is because hints were dropped in the teasers.

There is one line “Shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies”, if you take a look at D.O. and Suho’s teaser you will understand. It depicts two people standing on the same ground but are seeing two details. We can see that although they are physically near each other, interactions between their sights are far.

Actually K members do not come from the same world, which is why D.O. and Suho do not realise each other’s existence. D.O. and Baekhyun sing songs with no link between each other. When Chanyeol walks into the shed where D.O. and Baekhyun are singing, there is no one inside.

Kai and Sehun’s teaser, number 14 describes each other’s 4-dimensional existence.

Each teaser does not only reveal each member, but carries a whole lot of meaning to it as well (apart from the dance teaser)

Next, although this has got nothing to do with the universe, it describes how the members meet with each other and gets awaken.
In teaser 11, Kai and Xiumin met, there were unknown cars chasing them which is assumed as them (Kai and Xiumin) committing a crime therefore resulting in all the chasing.
The two of them meet after being chased, which is where Kai and Xiumin finally wake up. (In the middle, both of them high fived) and gazed at the moon together in conclusion.

Also, in MAMA’s MV there were frightening face painting where fans were taken aback too.
Someone has explained this before.
Kai’s face painting represents what I have said above, about him being the main character in EXO. The remaining 11 members’ painted faces may be seen as their looks back on EXO Planet.

Actually, Kai can be said as the priest back on EXO planet.

Let’s talk about the teaser with the most hints, EL DORADO.
EL DORADO is similar to human’s imagination of an unknown world. Something like a land of gold or an ideal place.
Chanyeol can be seen as the one who’s looking for the unknown world, the one who’s seeking a desired habitat.
We can see in EL DORADO teaser that Chanyeol is searching fo something. In here, Chanyeol is one of the members who wakes up early, looking at MAMA’s MV, we can see that with every step Chanyeol takes, fire is lit. We can see that Chanyeol has found and regained his powers yet he is still unable to fully control it.
We can assume that Chanyeol, who gets fully awaken upon meeting Kai is searching for friends.

Chanyeol finally finds the rock which belongs to Suho and Lay. Although this does not appear in the teaser, this was probably the way they found all 12 member’s rocks.
It is as though after seeing the marks on the rocks that they would finally regain their memory and the power to restart all over again. In the teaser Chanyeol nods, which shows that all the rocks have been collected.

In MAMA MV, everyone is using their power, this is because all of them have regained their memories and are trying their best to use their powers to save the world.

We can figure the two different worlds from Sehun’s teaser. In teaser 8, with black pearl where Sehun is revealed.

If we see black pearl as the space where Sehun is trapped within the clock, which tells us that Sehun can make changes to time. In the background in black pearl, there is a full moon, which gives everyone a two moons vibe.

At the beginning of the Teaser, Sehun adjusts the time and a full moon is born, and members who exist in the other spaces are shown as shadows in Black pearl.

Suho and Chanyeol stretch their hands, which is the gesture which tells everyone that they are missing the member who is trapped by time, Sehun.

At the end, it concluded with Sehun reaching his hands out too.

And lastly, EXO member’s powers: Although most people might think that these are ordinary powers, it is not the case.

With D.O. in the middle, powers on the left side are supernatural while powers on the right are natural (nature-like)

Supernatural powers- teleportation, time control, telekinesis, flight, healing and earth

Natural powers- fire, light, wind, water, ice, lightning







The members are paired up like that.

In MAMA’s MV, Kai proceeds to where Luhan is,

D.O. shakes the ground and Chen places his hands on the ground to feel the vibrations

Suho splashes water, Xiumin catches that drop of water and turns the room ice cold

Baekhyun generates light, Lay absorbs it and heals the flower

Chanyeol reveals his fired wings, Kris catches it to summon the dragon

Tao sends off a butterfly while Sehun catches it
Taking Tao and Sehun’s as an example, Tao stopped time and while he’s at that, air movement stops as well. Sehun who normally uses the wind to control his power is unable to do it now and when the both of them function together, it is more efficient.

As I look at the scene, not all of them can rely on each other’s powers to become stronger.

In conclusion, all the members are correlated and when two or more members are together the effects are multiplied.

Firstly the boys are split into two universes, which is why Kai exists.

Lay has healing powers, which also relates to the tree of life in MAMA which is renewed into one perfect root.

Luhan exists neutrally. Telekinesis is a really destructive power, it can bring violence to others and has the ability to attack. However as seen from the MV, all he does is move globes around and he can scrutinise the worlds through the globes.

I feel like he knows the existence of all

He is probably like Kai, waking up the 12 members as one.

As Kai takes charge of the teleporting between the worlds, Luhan is the one who monitors every single thing.

Kai is the center of K while Luhan is the center of M.

My conclusion is, the world is initially one but has subconsciously and unperfectly splitted, EXO are the ones who are seeking a way to put the world back together. With Kai and Luhan as the bridges of communication, 12 of them gradually meet up and get together.

The 12 of them work hard together to join the planet back as one. As they overthrow the evil, they want their original world to exist which forms their relationship as partners now.

cr: dc, 海天月夜
Trans by: yeoshinuo
Take out with full credits, do not add extra credits.

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First time posting an entry. Hopefully I did everything correctly and used the right tags ^^;

Don't know if you guys saw this on tumblr already and I don't think anyone shared this yet? Haven't caught up on all the EXO posts/comments lol.
Anyways it's a really interesting read! So I thought I'd post this here ^^

I never really noticed that D.O and Suho don't really "see" each other. And the Kai = "kai" ・O・!
and I feel dumb cause I never connected the Chen ground shaking to D.O LOL ><;
I just thought it was some lightning/thunder thing XD

edit: wow .. wall of text ^^;
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