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120621 EXO-K on Shim Shim Tapa Radio (Eng subbed)

HIGHLIGHTS you can enjoy even if you don't understand a word of what they're saying!
  • Suho's perfect imitation of Jonghyun in "Love Like Oxygen"
  • Sehun's usual buing buing and Shindong teaching Sehun aegyo
  • Kai imitating.. Pororo?
  • Baekhyun imitating Cristina from Global Talk Show
  • Chanyeol excelling at the song challenge and singing Super Junior's "Mr. Simple"
  • Suho and D.O's BUBBLE POP!
  • The boys all failing at singing the correct lyrics to 2PM's "10 out of 10"

Here's a summary of the show!!

Baekhyun and D.O's voice imitation battle (with English subs!)

Baekhyun's crazy side is slowly revealing itself

Subbed video cuts!

*a/n: trans for "chanyeol digging his nose" was off. it was suppose to be chanyeol writing "Chanyeol x100000" so that he can get 100000 votes

(click for a larger resolution)

*Suho is wearing a shirt that says be happy where you are :)

Since I can't embed this video, I'll leave you with this gif instead.

I don't understand you, oh mi ja.

**ETA: now with English subs (courtesy of our queen bee, boonyi91)!!

Source: boonyi91, cxotrans@twitter, D.Olips @, TheRealJessicaOh
Tags: × exo-k 2011-2014 (tag retired), ♫ audio, ♫ media, ♫ translation
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