~\o_ (charlotterhys) wrote in exochocolate,

Popularity in Korea

So I've got a question, and I thought that this may be the best place to ask it. To those who are a little more connected to the Korean music scene... just how popular is EXO in Korea? Like, in general popular and not just with the SM Idol fans. The impressive CD sales might say to their buying power, but how many of those people were 'normal' fans?

I know that on the internet EXO has a waaaay bigger fan base than other rookie groups like B.A.P or NU'EST (which makes me sad), but that doesn't say much to the general opinion on the current crop of rookies.

I hope this is okay to ask. ._. I don't really care if only hardcore Idol stans like EXO, because buying power is what keeps groups going to a great degree, but it's something I'd like to know.

Chanyeol wants you to tell him!
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