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Are You Ready for EXO to perform at PyeongChang Closing Ceremony Tonight? #EXO_Olympics

Our EXO is all grown up and about to perform on the biggest stage ever! Are you proud and excited my exochocolatiers? We have come so far!
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VYRL update ‘The EXO’rDIUM – in NORTH AMERICA’ & EXO-CBX TalkTalkKorea promo pics

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"What is Talk Talk Korea? Launched in 2013, it’s a global content contest that lets you share your ideas and thoughts about Korea and win amazing prizes.
Anyone can participate in the contest by submitting a piece of creative work related to the theme “Korea” in any of these six categories: Video, Photo, Webtoon, Illustration, Mobile, and Special Subject (2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics)."

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sources: Official Exo VyrlTalk Talk Korea 2017, knockknock0408, soompi
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170512 [From Suho] (Feat. Chen)

170512: “1일 1수호 (Feat. 첸)” (“1 day 1 Suho (Feat. Chen)”)


Translation: “No message”

(1Note: ‘Naengmu’ (냉무) is an abreviation for 'no content’ (내용 없음) and often used on social media when content is posted without an accompanying message.)

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source: Official EXO-L site | translation: Dailyexo