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05 February 2014 @ 03:38 pm
A guide to posting: Exochocolate edition!

Thanks to the lovely frantastic for typing this up!

Greetings Exochocolate!

Seeing how active the community has been in terms of posts these past weeks, I've offered the mods to make a guide to posting so we can have a standard format for the community! Submitting an article to a community is fairly easy, seeing how Livejournal offers a lot of tools to create a post, you just need to take advantage of them!

Things you need to have in mind when making a post:

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And that's a wrap! I'm by no means a LJ savvy or anything, so if you find mistakes or have other tricks regarding posts, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading and...


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to posting in the past! I hope this clarifies things and makes posting easier for everyone!
previews are coming \o/
looks like it also rains there?

Set list for boys: Run, Growl, Thunder, Overdose and Wolf, and Sehun performed with BoA for "Only One"

and guess what - IT WAS LIVE! 8D
well backtrack was loud but it's clear as the day boys actually sang %)

youtube link || cr: H.K TVB, source || download

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28 June 2014 @ 03:06 pm
140628 EXO @ Concert in Chongqing
hello thanks to alterjin  i've got a link stream to todays concert :D
UPDATED with HD photos of Fansites.and VIDEO /like first half of the concert
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Videos :i'll upload videos when they are full length fancams, not just 10s,. luhan's solo stage is in tracklist already.
well here is OP's Playlist with the found videos till now. the playlist will continuously be updated
check this awesome fancam where there's like 40mins of the concert/ part 2 in the playlist


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HD photos from Fansites:

most of the HD's are from Exoyeah and Motion Picture Soundtrack (exokai_kr) HEEBEAR

// you're welcomed inside by very wet EXO Kai
14 June 2014 @ 03:05 pm
hello guys. i haven't seen a livestream so here it is
the audio stream in Wuhan: Exo Lost Planet 140614 from 8pm CST/ 9pm KST
have fun... will edit with tracklist,video and so on.
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because OP is too lazy and tired - just got home - OP made a YT-playlist with the found fancams. hope you guys will enjoy it, and please note that the fancams are random not in order. sorry.
Here is OP playlist of WUHAN
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Issing Garden fancam because bless this fansite...

Fansite's photos - HD mostly
LuhanCollapse )bless MPST
KaiCollapse )
BaekCollapse )
SehunCollapse )
YixingCollapse )
Dage XiuminCollapse )
Chen Fucking JongdaeCollapse )
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Do D.OCollapse )
ChanlieCollapse )
SuhoCollapse )
mods, help if something's up because i have no idea what i'm doing
09 June 2014 @ 01:00 pm
Venue: Seoul Gangnam Shinsaegae Department store
A total of 150 fans were selected to attend.


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BBs are wearing their oversized shirts from Overdose comeback showcase <3

This event is also said to last for 2 hours with a Q&A session.

1) [Rumoured] Apparently approx. 50 people did not turn up, which made exo fans, who did not receive the invitations, very upset.

2) Fans are writing questions on sticky notes for the members to pick out and answer ^^
Hi EC, a shout-out to anybody still breathing from yesterday's slayage *waves* ^^

Surprised there isn't any party post for Day 2, so I'm just gonna make one here.
Please comment with fancams and fanpics etc, I'm not sure how different Day 2 will be in terms of set list and performances, but would be great to see the boys again (who ever gets enough of them!)

[Edited]: Day 3 fancams and fanpics here too!

Source: SMTOWN Now

Cr: @EXOffical_
MISS A Jia and Fei spotted too

Miss A Jia's Instagram update: HERE
Miss A Fei’s Instagram update: HERE

Suju Eunhyuk and Shindong spotted as well (X)

Chanyeol's sister Yura
Boss Lee Soo Man
two thumbs up for a great show
Suju donghae kyuhyun ryeowook siwon zhoumi

Donghae's IG (X)

Beast (X)
Sehun and his teacher (fy-exo tumblr)
SM Rookies (X)

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let me go

pretty much sums up my feels towards Day 2.
So...who is ready for DAY 3?

[Edited]: Day 3 fancams and fanpics here too!