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05 February 2014 @ 03:38 pm
A guide to posting: Exochocolate edition!

Thanks to the lovely frantastic for typing this up!

Greetings Exochocolate!

Seeing how active the community has been in terms of posts these past weeks, I've offered the mods to make a guide to posting so we can have a standard format for the community! Submitting an article to a community is fairly easy, seeing how Livejournal offers a lot of tools to create a post, you just need to take advantage of them!

Things you need to have in mind when making a post:

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And that's a wrap! I'm by no means a LJ savvy or anything, so if you find mistakes or have other tricks regarding posts, feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading and...


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to posting in the past! I hope this clarifies things and makes posting easier for everyone!

I don't think anyone else has posted this yet? Well if they have, then sorry I must have overlooked it ><

ENG: "I'll express thousands and ten thousands of words with just two words, 'thankful'! (lol it's two words in Chinese, ok?) Awesome/Eccentric mother (her username) knows what you guys are thinking, I'll show you guys my gratitude by fulfilling your request! If you guys were to live your lives happy every day without fighting, there will definitely be a handsome prince charming/white knight (lit. prince on a white horse) to be by your side! Wishing everyone happiness!"


(Source: Zhang Mama's Weibo)

Happy Birthday Mama Zhang! ♥ (well, a little late now but oh well...)

i was debating whose photo to post before the cut, Yixing bb won, sorry Jongdae's stans <3


also NR said it's EXO so I hope there is another part with M boys as well?

Nature Republic released teaser with EXO for new TV CF, full version is out on July 11 ♥♥____♥♥

New Meilishuo cut with M boys as a bonus

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As said in a previous post Exo became the ambassadors for Fashion KODE 2014. The event is going to be held July 16-18.

source: wangSEja

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saw this video and had to count the number of people to figure out if this was old or not instead of looking at the date like a normal person orz. Not sure if Exo will be performing at this or what....
anyway, let me know if i missed any tags!
02 July 2014 @ 11:05 pm

Source: namja124

Previous TrendsHealth Posts: TrendsHealth Magazine Polaroids | Scans Post Part 1 | Scans Post Part 2

A quick reminder of THIS post

More insides from Trends Health Magazine, limited edition, with EXO-M boys ^^

more scans in super HQ are hereCollapse )

New Happy Camp preview:
Another EXO X KOLON SPORT InStyle Pictorial Shooting video is revealed \o/

youtube link || source

previous entry with: part 1 video, scans & respective gifs

p.s. just making sure this video won't be lost & it's really lovely for a separate post ^^