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"@GaemGyu: 역시 엑소 엘이 짱이지...... 준면이는 바쁘다고 형들도 안만나고... 엘프 보고싶다...... ㅜ ㅜ"

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*Translated from <<最强天团>>

Source: PPTV weibo

The show is hosted by f(x) Victoria, SJ-M Zhoumi and some other Chinese MCs.

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Celebrities are named L-R (not including EXO), messages translated L-R T-B!

Chen, Kai, Suho & Baekhyun (ft. part of Tao's head) with Super Junior's Siwon & Donghae
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Thanks kitty9163 & chocopie116 for helping to fill in the missing people, loxy017 & ssantigurrl for handwriting recognition, anewsymphony & ellyvira for translations!

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01 April 2014 @ 08:06 pm
Update: just a few subbed cuts, nothing much yet.

if nothing else, baek's such a good singer <3
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baekhyun and heenim \o/
stream here:

EXO-M rehearsal cut

140314 EXO-M 不朽之名曲 彩排花絮 Rehearsal yinyue tai ver

LayTao---> WE ARE AWESOME clothes... makes OP laugh

cr: namja124

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Let me start you off with this!

[FANACC] 140227 SM The Ballad fansign: Chen said that Jeju is really nice and he wants to come again. After that, Chen was gone but suddenly he appeared while holding a cake because tomorrow is Zhang Liyin's birthday, he also said that he wants to celebrate his birthday in Jeju (cr:modern boy)


i just had to. thanks design_ok! from here^^

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