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Для затравки, о своем первом заработке. Было это где-то в 90-м году, мне было 13 лет.
В старших классах школы я пас коров, точнее одну, которая у нас была в хозяйстве в Кукморе.
Утром часов в 5 вел (позже слепни зверствовали) ее на Кукморскую гору, где среди посадки и на горнолыжной трассе (она на фото, летом там не катаются ;-)) ) она мирно паслась (я даже книжки иногда умудрялся читать, правда пару раз потом искал ее в лесочке :)) ). Вечером после 18.00 все повторялось после того как жара спадет.
Но заработал я не этим (ну разве что на еду :)) ).

Я собирал лекарственные травы - подорожник, мать и мачеху, тысячелистник, зверобой и прочее, но самое сложное и выгодное оказалось собирать цветочки василька, в поле где росла пшеница (поле как ни странно относится к Кировской области уже, мы на границе живем).
Потом все это сушилось дома, помню весь пол был застелен газетами и завален сине-бирюзовыми лепесточками.

Весило всё это очень немного после усушки, но кг стоил каких то неимоверных денег по тем временам.
В общем на то, чтобы купить самому себе первые часы (детские правда) мне хватило. Еще наверно, что то покупал, и вроде родителям часть отдал. Это вообще были наверно первые деньги, которые я в руках держал.
В то время как то не принято было выдавать регулярные карманные деньги детям
Как то так. Потом еще были покраска забора (привет Тому Сойеру!) из железных прутьев на кладбище и сбор бутылок (куда без этого ;)) ) на сабантуе. Ну и конечно нас, сельских школьников каждый сентябрь возили на картошку, так начинался учебный год ;)

Интересно было бы узнать Ваши истории!

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When I arrived at Haneda airport this morning, there were about forty girls standing outside the security check room for Exo. As the morning wore on, that number increased. Many of them were flying home that day themselves.

Girls waiting for Exo outside the security check

My flight was at 12:20 but I hoped I'd be able to catch one last glimpse of Exo before I went home because let's face it, the U.K. is an arid, K-pop desert and even if artists do come, the tickets are so expensive it would be cheaper to fly to Korea in a private jet. (^_^)

I noticed some people being let into a special, cordoned off section of the security check, like a fast track. I went to investigate. It was the crew member only section. If Exo did come, I thought they would go through there.

There was a second crew entrance on the opposite side and all the girls had massed there. It was my first time flying out of Haneda so I didn’t know it very well and I assumed all the other girls must know where celebrities go when they arrive at the airport.

So, Exo weren't on the 8.50, the 9.00 or the 9.15 flights.

I wandered around the airport and shops until it was time for me to check-in.

Afterwards, I wandered around a bit more but then I felt really tired. I’d been to two Exo greeting party showings and the Stars on Ice Tour and had spent many hours travelling, waiting around at the airport and queuing for merchandise, so I hadn’t had much time to sleep since I’d arrived in Japan.

I found myself dosing.

It didn't look like they'd be on the 12.05 or the 12.20. It was nearly 11 o'clock. I gave myself until 11.10 and then I was going to go through the security check myself.

11.04. I finally sent an e-mail to my sister telling her I wouldn't get to see Exo today. I'd been writing it for a while, but as I'd said, I'd kept dosing off and accidentally pressing keys so it looked like hh gvjn hbhc and every time I went to delete it, I'd wake up and find I'd just written some more nonsense!

I queued up for about ten minutes at the security check. I went for the one next to the first staff entrance because that had the fewest people. Also, all the fan girls were on the other side so there wouldn’t be a lot of people crowding round (I'm not a fan of crowds).

The security check was completed without any problems. And so I started walking towards the automatic glass doors to leave the security check room. There was a handful of girls, perhaps ten or fifteen, standing on the other side of the doors with DSLRs. Suddenly, they all started clicking.

For a split second, I'm thinking 'whatever' and about to get back to my day but then I realise: girls with cameras = Exo fan girls = they're taking pictures of Exo = Exo are behind me?!

I turn around and there are these boys standing by the wall in hoodies and casual attire. Some are wearing sunglasses. They'd come through the special staff entrance and they obviously were not airline staff so they were definitely famous, but were they Exo, though? I was struck by how ordinary they were.

And then I saw D.O.

Definitely Exo, then.

Suddenly my day felt very bizarre.

And before I know what I'm doing, I'm reaching for my camera and when I turn round again, Suho, D.O., Kai and Xiumin are being escorted towards me by an Asiana Airlines staff member.

Exo at Haneda

Omo omo omo!

Suho's wearing sunglasses and I didn’t notice it until I looked at my recording later, but he starts covering his face with his boarding pass holder when he sees me. But I am too busy looking at cute little Kyungsoo. He’s walking behind Xiumin, in conversation with Kai and he looks just as adorable in real life.

And then, I'm kind of in the way so as they get closer, I move aside to let them pass.

The security man says to me in Japanese 'you can’t take pictures' so I stop filming.

The four boys proceed to the toilets. The girls let them go in peace, waiting for the others to come through.

We watched as the other members came through the security check, though they didn't leave the room. Luhan was decked out in the greeting party merchandise - he had the hoodie and the hat, which was cute.

D.O. came to the entrance of the toilets. He was just standing there, observing for a while with that characteristic
wide-eyed stare of his and then he went back inside.

I saw Chanyeol collecting his bag too.

And then, they all started coming through the automatic doors. Baekhyun was first in a red hoodie and then Chen. Kris came next. He was one of the few who weren’t wearing sunglasses. And then, there was Chanyeol and Luhan and Sehun. Then almost everyone ran after them.

So then, we go to immigration to have our passports checked. Most of the boys queue up in one line with leader Kris at the front, Galaxy style. He has sunglasses on now and he looks really cool and really tall.

In the queue next to them are Baekhyun and Chen. I stand in the third queue, next to them and behind this German man. I chose not to queue up behind Exo so I could turn around and look at them. (^_^)

Then, it got a bit chaotic. Girls were trying to take pictures of Exo and Exo’s staff were shouting at them to stop. One girl was standing right up close, taking pictures. One of the staff members ran up to her, hit her camera out of the way, tried to grab it and then was chasing after her, shouting at her in Korean.

The girls on the other side of the passport check (and there were a lot of them – like around sixty or so) heard all the commotion and they were trying to get back into the room and trying to hold their cameras up really high to get pictures of the boys. All I could hear were shutters clicking.

Another staff member was even standing on top of one of the passport booths trying to use his body to block them and grabbing at cameras and shouting.

It was all a bit scary. I looked at Exo but they didn’t even seem fazed by it. I suppose they must be used to it.

Somehow, the staff got the girls calmed down a bit. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly, the girls in the passport check were gone so it was just Exo, two German men who were on my flight, and me in the room. The two men were looking at each other and smiling as if to say ‘what just happened?’.

But the girls on the other side were still scrabbling to get back in, pressing round the exit of the passport booths so we couldn't get out. We had to wait for everything to be sorted out. More time spent with Exo. Fine by me. (^_^) However, it was so surreal that I couldn’t properly process the fact the boys standing right there were Exo. Apart from Kris and Suho, who I had already seen at Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in London last November, Exo only existed on the Internet for me.

The others were out of the toilets by now and were standing at the back of the queue. Perhaps they were hiding from the girls before??? I couldn’t blame them.

Everyone seems quite tired. Lay and Tao are wearing the white masks people wear when they’re ill or have allergies like hay fever.

The boys are all standing there so quietly and with the exception of D.O., Kai and Xiumin, they’re all wearing sunglasses. I’m actually really shy when I’m around people, so I can’t help but find the members wearing sunglasses a little bit intimidating.

Finally, I get to go through immigration. My passport is checked and I'm free to go, except I'm not quite because two girls are in the exit way with DSLRs with huge lenses. I stop. One moves out the way. The other stands there and waves at me, gesturing to just go past her while she cranes her neck to get a glance of the boys.

I know I'm thinner than average, and on a good day, I could attempt to squeeze through the gap she left me but today with my bag and my laptop?

I squeeze past the best I can but my laptop still bumps into her.

And so on the other side, I enter the mass of girls. Since they’re not after me, it’s quite easy to get through them.

I look at my boarding pass. Gate 106. I take a step forward.

Hang on!

Let me see which direction Exo are going first so I turn round and there is Chanyeol swamped by girls with their camera lenses in his face and then he starts walking towards me. Seven or eight girls break off from the throng like bacteria and walk with him.

He walks past. So, they're going that way... The same way as me. As I turn back round, an eager girl with a DSLR runs into me from the opposite direction. Recovering, I start walking to my gate. Despite all the girls pressing in on him taking pictures, Chanyeol seems to radiate a sort of calmness, which is endearing. I don’t know how he was feeling inside, but somehow he reminds me of Aslan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as he was walking to be killed by the White Witch...

Suddenly, from over my left shoulder, I hear Sehun's voice. He’s quite close. My heart momentarily freezes in surprise.

'Let's go together' he says to Chanyeol. Chanyeol stops and turns round. The girls stop and turn round. Sehun strolls past me with his own posse which join Chanyeol's to form a bigger, extended unit. He and Chanyeol are both on the taller side and take large strides. Unless I run, I can't walk next to them. But I don’t want to annoy them, and besides, I’m too scared to walk next to them, so I stay where I am, a bit behind them. Soon we get to the travelator and there are so many girls waiting. Some jump onto the travelator in front of them with their camera lenses really close to the boys. Security is telling them not to get in the way. Girls are running and clambering over things - anything to get a picture. It was quite hectic.

Girls taking pictures of Exo

Sehun and Chanyeol turned into gate 108 and I continued to gate 106.

As I e-mailed my sisters, who are also huge Exo fans, my hands were trembling. It was just so unreal. Like, I had wanted to see Exo at the airport but I just thought I’d see them from afar. I had no idea I’d be that close to them.

So yes, that was my unexpected Exo experience.
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hiroshi sugimoto

写中文作文比拔牙更痛苦!eye is twitching, chinese essay won't write itself. want to watch life pass by like a theatrical show, but no choice but play an unwillling actor, therefore: LJ! always here for me and my whining. this semester, i don't know whether to be more disappointed with myself of my choices. since it's close to 1AM though, no choice but to accept that i dig all of my holes and now it's time to just hold on until post-finals...
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A/N: This is all Raoul's fault for somehow convincing me that writing HenRis is my duty as a patriotic Canadian and for requesting a fucking standing 69. Thanks to tlist for teaching me about blowjobs.

There’s something almost comforting about the chaos backstage right after a set when stylists dash around frantically touching up makeup, idols stripping into new costumes behind poorly constructed modesty screens and sound and lighting crew running to setup for the next act. It’s a mess but one that always manages to come together before showtime.

Having finished his last stage with Suju-M, Henry is free to relax until the group encore. He waves to Amber as f(x) line up in the wings, waiting for their cues to get on stage. The air backstage is hot and thick with the scent of sweat and cosmetics. His clothes stick uncomfortably to his skin and he moves to the dressing rooms in the back intent on getting changed. The SMTown photographer stops him. “Smile” she calls and Henry obligingly poses. “One more” she calls and he feels an arm come around his waist and a warm bulk press up against his side. “Smile” Kris whispers into his ears, turning to pose for the camera, flashing a peace sign. Henry follows suit.

The photographer leaves and Henry turns to face Kris. His blond hair is styled up off his forehead, black button up clinging to his broad chest and face still having a vaguely waxlike sheen from the heavy bb cream “Hi” he whispers linking their fingers together, his hand being swallowed in Kris’much larger one. Kris smiles down at him and tugs him into a corner, away from the rush of people. He leans down and presses their lips together. Henry lets out a happy sigh, kissing back briefly before attempting to pull away. Kris isn’t having any of it, using his taller frame to press Henry against the wall, hands on his hips. Henry squirms as Kris’ lips find their way to the side of his neck, holding back a moan as he bites down on a the sensitive spot behind his ear. “Eager aren’t we?”
Mmm, can’t help it” Kris mumbles, fingers dipping under Henry’s shirt to stroke slow circles against his hipbone. “You looked so good up there.”

“Thanks” Henry laughs, leaning up to kiss him again. Its open mouthed and aggressive, tongues battling for dominance which Kris easily gains. Henry pulls away after a few minutes, eyes warily scanning the room. “Don’t you have to go on stage soon?” he gasps, as Kris sucks on his bottom lip, biting down on the plump flesh and eliciting a moan from the shorter boy.

“There’s still four stages to go” Kris murmurs, pushing his knee between Henry’s legs. “That gives us twenty minutes. Plenty of time.”

“I could very easily make a joke about your stamina right now” Henry teases, voice faint as the weight of Kris’ leg against his crotch has his blood rushing south. Kris grinds forward, letting Henry feel that he isn’t the only one getting affected by this.

“There’s a spare room in the back” Henry gasps out, pushing Kris away slightly. Kris lets out a displeased huff from the loss of contact but moves away. Henry yanks his shirt down, praying that the staff won’t notice the very obvious situation going on in his pants. He moves quickly through the crowd, weaving between costume racks. Kris gets intercepted by Sehun and gestures for him to continue
The spare room is dusty, cartons stacked up in the corners. There’s an empty table in the middle of the room and Henry climbs on top of it. He palms himself roughly, eyes fixed on the door, waiting.

After what feels like an eternity, the door opens and Kris enters the room, eyes widening when he sees him. He locks the door and in two long steps is at the table, replacing Henry’s hand with his own causing the shorter boy to let out a string of curses He shifts back, giving Kris room to climb atop him. He lines up their crotches and begins to grind down, hand coming up to fist in Henry’s hair.

“Fucking Sehun wouldn’t let me go” Kris mutters, leaning down to bite his ear. He presses a kiss to the area, hot breath causing shivers to rack down Henry’s body. “We have fifteen minutes”

“What do you want to do?” Henry asks slowing his hips. He’s fully hard by now, cock straining against the fabric of his jeans and he reaches down to unbutton them, taking some of the pressure off. Kris’ eyes follow the movement, tongue darting out to lick his lips before bringing Henry’s hand to the waistband of his jeans. “Want you to suck me off”

Henry smirks, fingers making quick work of the button and zipper. He grinds the heel of his palm down against the clothed bulge, eyes still fixed on the taller man. “That doesn’t seem very fair. Why do you get to have all the fun?” His hand slips past the waistband, fingers wrapping around the base to stroke him teasingly. Kris’ breath hitches and fuck Henry loves how easy it is to get him lose his composure. They’re short on time though so he forgoes teasing for once and pulls his boxers all the way down, wrapping his fingers tighter and beginning to move in earnest

Kris’ head lolls back, veins protruding in stark contrast to the pale skin of his neck. “What kind of person do you take me for?” he gasps out, hips moving slowly in Henry’s gasp. “I fully intend for you to get off too.”

“Really” Henry responds dryly, shifting so that Kris’ thigh is between his own. He grinds upwards, savouring the friction against his neglected cock. “How do you propose we do that in fifteen minutes?”

In response Kris flips them over till Henry is straddling him. He tugs at the waistband of Henry’s jeans “Off” he orders and Henry squirms on top, pulling the tight denim down his thighs. Kris laughs when he notes the lack of underwear. “You little bitch, you were totally bent on getting some tonight.”

Henry shuts him up by taking both their cocks in hand and stroking. “Well yeah I had plans but…fuck, yes… I thought it would be back at the hotel.”

Kris takes over, his large hands easily accommodating both of them and Henry bends forwards arms on either side of his head. They kiss languidly, savouring the pleasant friction made more intense by the dryness of Kris’ palm. Henry moans, feeling a familiar pressure begin to build up at the base of his spine. They may just make the deadline.

His moan turns into a high pitched whine as Kris suddenly stops moving. “What’s wrong with you? Keep going, I’m close.” He puts Kris’ hand back on his cock only to have it pulled off and his wrists pinned by the giant.

“What were your plans for tonight?” Kris asks voice husky and the sound of it sends another bolt of arousal through him. He struggles against Kris’ hold but the boy hold firm. “We don’t have time for that right now. Just please…” he grinds his ass down reveling in the startled gasp it draws from Kris. “Need you so bad, Kris”

In response, he suddenly finds himself flat on the table, hands pinned below his back as Kris looms over him. The blonde smirks at him, before taking him in hand but not moving. “Your plans, Xian Hua”

“Fuck you, Yi Fan” Henry hisses, trying to move up into Kris’ grip but the taller man pushes his hips down. He realises he’s trapped (haha) so he finally acquiesces. “I saw this thing on the internet and-shit” his voice breaks off as Kris begins to move his hand again, eyes still boring down at him. Henry shuts his eyes, feeling a flush begin to make its way down his chest. Kris makes an impatient noise and pinches him. “Fuck, be patient. I wanted to try out a new position. “His eyes fly open again as Kris traces his slit teasingly, other hand coming to cup his balls.

“That sounds fun” Kris says pleasantly, sounding for all the world like he’s discussing the weather, only the tense set of his shoulders and his heavy breathing giving away his arousal. “Which one?”

“69” Henry gasps out, twisting until he’s freed an arm. He links his fingers with Kris, pulling the elder closer so he can kiss him. “I want to do it against the wall.”

Kris’ eyebrows rise up “Standing 69? That’s a bit ambitious, don’t you think?”
“Are you not up to it, old man?” Henry taunts, sitting up stiffly. “Should I ask Tao instead? He’s probably strong enough. Or Minseok maybe.”

Kris has fierce jealous streak, particularly when it comes to him that Henry isn’t above exploiting if it gets him to come soon. “Face the other way” he order and Henry shivers at the possessive hint in his tone. Kris stands, pulling him down roughly, till his head is at the edge of the table. He’s level with Kris’s pelvis and he leans back, tracing his tongue up the underside of Kris’ cock, smirking when the other’s legs buckle from the contact. His gloating is short lived as Kris leans over and takes him into his mouth, pushing his cock closer to Henry who obliges.

From there its wet heat and sweet friction, both of them well attuned with each others bodies. Henry licks up the vein on Kris’ cock hand, coming up to fist him at the base while he tongues the slit. He pulls away with the sharp keen as Kris takes him deeper, hand pressing his hips down. He swallows around him several times in quick succession revelling in the high pitched mewls it elicits. Henry’s hands drop to his sides and he pants harshly, white spots dancing in front of his eyes. Kris pulls away suddenly and slides his hands under Henry’s back, lifting him to get a better grip. “Wrap your legs around my head” he says, voice low and husky and Henry complies, locking his knees behind his head, soft hair tickling his thighs. He feels Kris shift, adjusting his grip before lifting up. He grips his thighs, trying to keep himself steady as Kris slowly draws himself up into standing position. He tightens his legs trying to keep himself from sliding down farther. There’s a few moments where he adjusts to the strange position, all the blood which isn’t located in his crotch rushing to his head. Kris bites the soft flesh of his thigh, sucking a mark onto the pale skin. “I’m pretty sure you planned on us doing something while we were like this, hmm.”

Henry pinches him before leaning his head down and taking him into his mouth again. Kris shudders but manages to keep his grip, spreading his feet further apart for better balance. Henry bobs up and down, one of his hands leaving Kris’ thigh to wrap around the hilt. He’s not sure whether it’s the adrenaline rush or Kris’ tongue on his perineum that making him light-headed but he savors the sensation, feeling the heat in his gut coil and rise.

He comes like that, ass up in the air as he chokes around Kris’ length. Kris swallows his release down, lapping at the head before letting his cock fall from his mouth. He lowers Henry back onto the table, grunting from the exertion. Henry is pliant and loose-limbed, mind in the pleasant haze orgasm brings. He mouths lazily along side Kris’ length, humming as he feels the elder run his fingers through his hair. He comes a short while after, painting his release all along Henry’s lips.

In his half asleep daze he can feel Kris wipe his face clean and redress him, large hands fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Once they’re both cleaned up and presentable, he tugs Henry by the hand and they make their way outside. EXO’s manger accosts Kris, yanking on his ears for being so late before pushing him towards where the rest of the group is waiting in the wings. Kris turns to wink at him before EXO make their way on stage to deafening screams. Henry yawns sleepily and makes his way to the green room for a nap. He’ll need to get his strength back for tonight.
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Title: Just A Moment In Our Love Life VI

Pairing: Krisyeol (Kris/Chanyeol)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Band!fic

Rating: PG-15

Summary: Sometime jealousy strikes stupidly and really, it doesn't make sense.

Author's Note: The series is about Kris and Chanyeol Love story. It will consists of one shots and each part will tell a story of a moment in their love life. Unbeta-ed, so there's gonna be some grammatical error and mistakes.

Please do not take it out, or copy or give and distribute it to anyone or anywhere else.

Disclaimer: None is mine. Only the story.

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Напишу пару слов о прямой линии Путина. Моменты на которые я обратил внимание. В целом, эта прямая линия мне показалась слабо информативной. Мне ее не хватило. Украина и Крым - важные темы. но на мой взгляд их было слишком много. Они итак преобладают в новостях. Я бы увеличил количество прямых включений из городов России. С учетом вдохновения и единения народа России, в свете последних событий, ИМХО на этом надо было сделать акцент. Интересное нововведение - видео-вопросы. Конечно, это более информативный формат чем письмо или звонок, но и более время-затратный для телевизионного эфира. Но сама тенденция правильная. Интересно, какой из государственных органов первым объявит о том, что начал принимать обращение граждан в формате видео-вопросов? )

Гости в студии. Думаю, их основное предназначение было в демонстрации приоритетов Главы Страны. Очевидно, что возможность задать вопрос у присутствующих была небольшой. А некоторым этого вообще не требовалось. Тем не менее, это был некий срез российского общества со всеми вытекающими плюсами и минусами. Их присутствие было сигналом для ответственных лиц, на что надо обратить более пристальное внимание.

В декабре 2013 года когда я был на ежегодной пресс-конференции Владимира Путина, я обратил внимание на то, что многие озвученные вопросы были уровня местного самоуправления. Получить уникальную возможность задать вопрос одному из ведущих мировых лидеров, и использовать ее спросив почему не работает котельная в поселке, ИМХО выглядит, как минимум - странно. В итоговом посте я предложил пресс-службе Кремля обязать всех губернаторов с 1 сентября до 1 декабря проводить у себя максимально расширенные региональные пресс-конференции. И не дай Боже озвученные там темы вновь всплывут на пресс-конференции Президента. О пользе губернаторских пресс-конференций я могу судить так как у меня есть пример Самарской области. Наш губернатор проводит такие, причем приглашает не только журналистов, но и блоггеров и администраторов крупных групп социальных сетей.

Вчера эта тема была озвучена в одном из вопросов, выбранных Президентом. Вот как это было:
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– А как вы поняли что секретарша подворовывает на вашем заводе стероидов?
– Мне показалось подозрительным, что после работы Леночка сгибает фонарные столбы в виде рогатки,
вырывает из земли голыми руками кабеля и натягивает между столбами и выстреливает собой в сторону
своего района. Дураку же понятно денег на маршрутку жмет, значит жадная, жадная значит ворует.
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