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10 May 2016 @ 12:11 am

[Unsubbed EP4+related news]

From Soompi: EXO's Lay Is Hospitalized After Collapsing From Food Poisoning

It's been revealed that EXO's Lay recently suffered from a bad case of food poisoning.

Lay reportedly was very pale and had difficulty keeping himself steady during while filming the episode of the Chinese variety show "Extreme Challenge" that aired on May 8. Lay then collapsed on his way to the restroom and was taken to the hospital.

Additionally, the local media reported that Lay's condition throughout filming was wasn't good, suffering from severe vomiting due to food poisoning.

Lay returned to filming after receiving fluids via an IV drip at the hospital and regaining his strength. Many fans expressed their concerns for Lay's health, urging him to rest and take better care of himself.

Meanwhile, "Extreme Challenge" is currently under suspicion of plagiarising MBC's "Infinite Challenge."

Different explanation of the situation from "Go Fighting" staff:

sources: SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official Channel (1, 2), yixingspixie, Soompi via Naver, boon_yi

Episode four was filmed back in early January when Yixing's schedule was really hectic. Knowing it's an old incident doesn't change the fact that it's upsetting to see him collapse like that.

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05 May 2016 @ 11:24 pm

exo"s resident Dad greets Aeris with his heartwarming IG messageCollapse )

amazing success of Baek"s first duet!Collapse )

Baekhynu"s first solo performance!Collapse )


Baek"s first solo pictorial for ELLE!Collapse )


Baekhyun"s first drama!Collapse )


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This is just a few important Baekhyun things that happened this year, and I hope it's only the beginning of his successful journey! \o/



Don't forget to tune in for B's first birthday party at 7:30 KST!

04 May 2016 @ 07:22 pm


[Episode 1 BTS clip+EP2]



sources: SMG上海电视台官方频道 SMG Shanghai TV Official Channel (1, 2), XingPark

According to multiple parties EXO is in full swing to prepare for their new album, which is aimed to be released this upcoming June!

Are you ready for new jams exochocos?

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