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'So I Married an Anti-Fan' Starring Park Chanyeol & Yuan ShanShan will premiere on June 30th!

They just released the poster/first trailer and stills for the film. Take a look!

[+ 4 pictures!]

sources: weibo, fy-exo & video: sina / kyungsoo Lover 2

Looks like it's going to be a fun film! Chanyeol looks gorgeous as always.


The cast has been confirmed for the new fantasy saga With the Gods starring Ha Jung-woo (Assassination) and Cha Tae-hyun (The Producers), and idol actor D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) of EXO is the latest addition to the ensemble.

The film series from director Kim Yong-hwa (Take Off, 200-Pound Beauty) will be told in two parts, and is based on the omnibus satirical webtoon by Joo Ho-min, about a whole world filled with reapers, humans, and gods who pass judgment on them. Once a person dies, they’re assigned an afterlife lawyer to represent them in a trial that’ll determine how they lived their life and where they’ll spend the rest of eternity. It’s a court in which money and status have no meaning, and you’re assigned an afterlife public defense attorney to plead your case.

Cha Tae-hyun has been cast as an average salaryman who dies suddenly at the age of 39. His death opens the story, and we’re introduced to this world from his perspective as he prepares for trial. Ha Jung-woo headlines as the lead grim reaper, the character that connects the omnibus series as the soul-collector who freely moves between the living and the dead (on a subway train, heh). He’s a prickly boss with two reaper minions on his team, played by Joo Ji-hoon (Mask) and Kim Hyang-gi (Queen’s Classroom). Ma Dong-seok (Bad Guys) plays a character who protects humans in the living realm.

D.O. has been cast as a soldier character, Private Won, who’s central to the story. He’s definitely a successful case of an idol transitioning into acting well, with lauded performances in both his first drama (It’s Okay, It’s Love), his first movie (Cart), and his first leading role (Unforgettable).

The two-part film saga will be shot all at once, and begins filming this month for a release next summer.

Article: dramabeans.com
Source: TV Report

get it, actor soo


Kim Jun Myeon (EXO’s Suho) will play the main role, Ha Do Woo, in “How Are You Bread,” a new fantasy romance drama about baking. It will be produced by Aura Media, which also was the main production company behind “Doctor Stranger,” “Bride of the Century,” and “Best Couple,” to name a few.

“How Are You Bread” tells the tale of a secretive, genius pastry chef Ha Do Woo, who makes “bread that grants wishes” every morning at his mysterious bakery, and No Mi Rae, who is a script writer for a variety program that infiltrates the bakery in order to cast said patisseur.

It will be a romantic melodrama that portrays the lovey-dovey, but chaotic love story of the two main characters, along with the warm, touching story of how Ha Do Woo gives hope to those who are having a hard time with his bread.

Known for directing dramas “Athena” and “The 3rd Hospital,” as well as movies “Bicheonmu” (also known as “Flying Warriors”) and “Last Present” (also known as “His Last Gift”), director Kim Young Joon will be in charge of this drama, while Kang Soo Hyun, who’s known for her work with “Best Couple” and “Under Black Moonlight,” will be writing the script.

Head producer for Aura Media Go Dae Hwa reveals, “Even with his busy schedule, Kim Jun Myeon’s passion towards acting and this production is visible, and his preparations and efforts are amazing. He will show a new side of himself as the main character of a melodrama.”

According to the production team, “How Are You Bread” will air in South Korea and China simultaneously sometime in the second half of the year, and is currently in discussion to air in 30 other countries, such as Japan and countries in the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It will begin filming sometime this month.

xsportsnews via soompi
18 April 2016 @ 02:31 pm

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ㅇㄸㅁㄹㄷ @yesung1106

A photo posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on

Chanyeol is featuring on the song titled "어떤 말로도 Confession," which is the 6th track on Yesung's debut mini album to be released at midnight of April 19th.

SMTOWN | shfly3424
11 April 2016 @ 06:55 pm

Happy Birthday Sehun! EXO's precious maknae turns 22 this year.

I wish you all the best for the next year. You got your first solo project this year, hopefully there'll be more in the future. Please continue to be your sweet and sometimes sassy self.

Now, here's a look at some of the things that happened the past year.

  • Was cute when it was his turn to do the relay chat.

  • Appeared as the male lead in BoA's Who Are You MV.

  • Got to meet Star Wars actors with Suho and Chanyeol.

  • Made a solo appearance at Madonna VIP premiere.

  • Co-hosted Sukira with Chen.

  • Did his own V-App broadcast (and crashed Chanyeol's goodnight one).

  • Did photoshoots with Irene, Suchenkai, and Chanyeol.

  • Amazed fans with his cooking skills on Yummy Yummy. :P

  • Finally got his chance in acting after being the best part about EXO Next Door in the movie Catman.

  • Surprised Kungsoo at a Pure Love stage greeting.

  • Got food support and a surprise visit from Kyungsoo on his filming set.

[Two BDC fancams]
You can't forget the Baby Don't Cry water stages when talking about last year so here's two for your viewing pleasure.

HB 하이퍼비트


[22 pics for Sehun"s birthday]
Some of my favorite pics from the past year. It was hard to pick which to include but posting everything wasn't an option so I decided to go with 22 pics for his 22nd birthday.





[Instagram posts]

oohsehun: 또이렇게한번더사랑을받고있구나 곁에있는사람들의소중함을깨닫는 그런날이네요 행복하고따듯한날이네요 좋다.

real__pcy: 생축ㅡㅡ❤

oohsehun: 자려고누웠는데 ......기절할뻔했다 생일축하해세훈아

PS. You can print your own kitty!Hun to celebrate Catman and his birthday. ^^