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Translation: “It’s New York
It’s Times Square
Let’s stay healthy”

two more picturesCollapse )

source: EXO-L website, dailyexo
09 April 2017 @ 04:02 am

[fun bits]

when baek tried to be cute but the filter disappears...

...and he still ended up being cute 😢😅 pic.twitter.com/7Wcj5OdXWz

#5YearsWithEXO 🎡🎠 (@SOUKOR) April 8, 2017




[Misc things]

뜻 깊은 날에 열린 시상식에서 좋은 상을 많이 받게 되었습니다!
팬 여러분 감사합니다!💖

#EXO #EXO-L #엑소 #엑소엘

Translation: “We received many good awards at the award ceremony on this meaningful day! Thank you to all our fans!💖”

sources: EXOYEAH, exo_schedules (1, 2), HUNS94, Inestimable 1294 (1, 2, 3, 4), kyoongbaek x., Namja onetwofour, BAEKED, Iridescent Boy, KNK, SHADOW, VOL DE NUIT, kindly, Alien Planet, Astraea, Spunky Action Baby, TheKJMUniverse, BING, Melted Cheese Fantasy, J GRAVITY, FOR D.O., DOUBLE NINE, KIM OPPA, SUHOPLANET, GGABSONG, Vyrl, Dailyexo, milkysehun412, baekhyuntown

In case anyone's wondering Yixing was only there in the form of his thank you video.
“엑소엘이 되어줘서 고마워. 엑소엘
5년 동안 함께 했던 것처럼
5늘처럼 5래5래 함께하자.”

Translation: “EXO-L. Thank you for being EXO-L
Just like we were together for the past 5 years,
and 2day, let’s remain 2gether 4ever”

[suho post + 2 more pics]

“동일인물 맞음.”

Translation: “It’s true, this is the same person”


Translation: “Ha.. a man like me”

[raw video from SMTOWN]

source: dailyexo, Official EXO-L Website, HUNS94, SMTOWN

they went to an award show and won a bunch of things but i'm too lazy to compile a post lol;;
08 April 2017 @ 02:06 am

(click the gif to go to the video!)

eng sub videoCollapse )

source: vlive, gif, Inestimable 1294

happy 5 years :')

[4 teaser pics]

sources: venessa_chun, naver, choconini_

give it to us!!