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22 October 2014 @ 07:42 pm

To those who are hating on me, to me you can hate freely, how you guys twist those ridiculous things, I don’t care. Don’t direct those malicious remarks to my family, my members and my fans who love me!

Sehun came to weibo to play, isn't it something to be happy about ? If you like (him) go follow (him), even if you don't like (him) don't go slandering (him) ok ? (you guys) are all exo-l, so why bother.

[He changed his bio too]

Take a step backward, we are all the same people so why bother… (c)

[Sehun's Weibo update]
thanks yejun!


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"It has been belatedly revealed that members Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol of group EXO are currently enrolled at Kyung Hee Cyber University.

The three of them are currently students in the Culture and Arts Management department of the school.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who are of the same age, entered the department some time in 2012. Suho, who has dropped out of the acting major from [Korea National University of Arts] which he entered in 2009, transferred [to] Kyung Hee Cyber University at a similar time to the above two to continue his studies.

Kyung Hee Cyber University's Department of Culture and Arts Management is a place for nurturing future talents that will lead the cultural industry, and has an experimental and highly professional curriculum and faculty.

An entertainment industry personage has explained that, 'In the case of popular and busy idol groups such as EXO, it is difficult to manage both school and schedules, so they choose to enroll in cyber universities.'

Suho and Baekhyun are currently working busily as MCs at SBS Inkigayo.

EXO has recently participated in the performance of SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Shanghai."

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Sources: Daum, @wildhoney_b, Kyung Hee Cyber University, Kyung Hee Cyber University's Facebook page
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21 October 2014 @ 01:16 pm

The promoters in Mexico for the show posted this on youtube last night.

ETA: Translation by kyungsawoo here

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"Popular group EXO’s member Lay’s fanclub prepared something a bit difference for his birthday, which has gained much attention . The fanclub ‘MUST PLAN’ prepared a thoughtful and meaningful gift of one hundred and ten handmade dolls, in time for his birthday, in order to donate them to children in underdeveloped countries.

Cony dolls are dolls made to bring mental stability to children who are suffering from anxiety as a result of famine, conflicts and an unstable household environment. They can be bought by donators as easy DYI kits containing all required for making a cony doll, which are upon assembly delivered to the children by World Share. Cony dolls have been available from the World Share NGO since 2013.

According to the fanclub, ‘we wanted to personally participate in celebrating Lay’s birthday, not only through donations, but actual handmade gifts’, and revealed the reason behind their choice of Cony dolls. The members of the fanclub who participated in making the dolls said, ‘we sewed each thread while thinking of how happy the children might be when they receive this gift’. Other fans who were unable to take part in the making of dolls, wrote handwritten letters full of heartfelt messages to the children.

The fanclub made five donations, along with the dolls. The doll production lasted from September 9th to October 6th, and was made possible through the participation of 108 fanclub members.”

Credit: translation,, Source: Econotalking
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[[ARTICLE] 141012 当代歌坛 Magazine: 'Exclusive Visit: Celebrity Chef Has Arrived']
it's mostly old content from his previous interview with sprinkles of a new stuff... i bolded the stuff that i haven't read before. the rest of the article is behind the scenes info that are interesting too.

[ARTICLE] 141012 当代歌坛 Magazine: 'Exclusive Visit: Celebrity Chef Has Arrived'
“Three tastes, which dish is yours?
Able to go to restaurants, able to cook in the kitchen, anticipating every exceptional dish, of course, being able to eat, and being able to eat even more, this qualifies you for the resounding title of “foodie”! We went to the filming location of “Celebrity Chef Has Arrived” and did a sweep, which of the following three dishes suits you the most? — In this day and age doing shows is very tough, that filming location was so big that it made brought us to tears.

About the programme
The programme is pre-filmed, so the episode from the day that we visited set is to be broadcast in October, in this episode, there was as newcomer Ming Dao, and also a returning LAY, the programme filming was quite punctual, a few chefs meeting such as Jiu Kong, Qu Ying, Jia Ling teachers were the main comedic characters who brought laughs to everyone at the filming location, of course, there was also the cutie-type idols coming to to shake things up as seen from our behind-the-scenes, first let’s see Dang’s exclusive interview:

The first dish: For Grandfather and grandmother

Main Chef: LAY
Cooking highlights: Fresh meat, fresh seasons, delicious taste.
Cooking must-haves: This is the first time LAY has gone on a variety show individually, aside from the fresh factor it was all nerves, this fresh meat was shining on the show. Not a frequent cook, and didn’t get a chance to cook his favourite fried sausages it also would affect his performance on-scene!

Dang: Why did you think of participating in this show “Celebrity Chef Has Arrived”?

LAY: Firstly it was the manager who was telling me about this activity, I felt that this programme was very good. When you receive the prize the money you receive is all donated directly to charitable organisations. Because grandfather and grandmother all cook very well, so I hope that in the future I can use the techniques I learnt here to cook for them. And hope that I can learn even more here.

Dang: The first dish you could make was?

LAY: Fried sausages! That sort of deep-fried food stores by the streets, with a pot of oil by the side, the sausage skewered onto a stick, with a few cuts of the knife, then thrown in. When it comes out sprinkle a little chilli, coat with some powder, that sort. I also really like to eat it, when I made it for my grandfather and grandmother, that was the first. Actually what I made wasn’t very nice, then grandfather and grandmother felt very sorry for that pot of oil. (When he was talking about fried sausages, that earnest and serious attitude, makes Dang want to throw down the recording pen, and run to buy it! Buy! Buy!)

Dang: Then which dish does LAY have the strongest feelings for?

LAY: Steamed egg, wanting to eat lime-steamed egg? Have you eaten it before? Eating that you can grow taller. It’s a type of Hunan dish, anyway we say it like this there.

Dang: Mm, then what did you gain from participating in this programme?

LAY: Just that, just that in this show I got to know a lot of seonbae, everyone became good friends, this will be a huge help to me in the future, I am very privileged to be able to learn alongside seonbae.

Dang: Seeing your performance today was a little cutie pie aye?

LAY (scratches head): Just, why do they always laugh at me? Maybe because I just got off the plane, didn’t sleep well, the concert ended and I came over straight, a little confused, can’t speak very clearly. (Cutie pie is this: Everyone was making fun of Kong-ge for being a tad plain-looking, LAY kept going blank, mostly because he was too tired, then suddenly someone picked him, and he very obediently added: “being a bit plain is actually alright……” At this point Jia Ling, Qu Ying teachers laughed: “Hahaha, yes, looking unattractive isn’t his fault……” Just like this, little friend’s good heart ended with a different flavour!)

Dang: Do you feel that the dishes you cook are delicious?

LAY: Human effort is the deciding factor, as long as you work hard it’s alright, however the taste is, it’s only the people who have to eat it who can say anything.

Dang: Is your taste on the spicy side?

LAY: I can’t eat spicy, spicy will make my head itch. Blander, with a bit more salt.

Dang: Among the EXO members who can cook the best?
LAY: In our team there are crouching tigers hidden dragons, every one who has to make a dish can cook, and everyone’s flavour is different, the same dish will also taste different, they’re all amazing. (It better be==)

Dang: What expectations do you have of dishes you make for yourself?

LAY: I hope the dishes I make look nicer, with a full taste, when it looks good then you’ll want to try it right, just me making it, just in terms of garnish there’s that tiny interesting bit, but trying it makes me feel sorry towards the audience.

Dang: What dish do you want to make most for fans?

LAY: Steamed bao zi. Just that sort of peach heart-shaped longevity buns, and spreading some chocolate sauce to give to our fans. (Wow, hearing this it really doesn’t sound nice dear friends ah!)


Behind the scenes are here


1. Too tired, with a schedule too packed, so this kid seemed to have his eyes half closed during filming, manager brother who was talking to the filming crew about the location, was even more strict about people being around, the child clearly really wanted to finish work quickly, and thus very clearly communicated: “It’s alright it’s alright, come come, just like this, taking taking, OK OK!” With such a quick tempo you’d think it wouldn’t be meticulous, but actually it all came out very well, the reporter took a total of 10-odd images, basically every single one could be used. The company trained them well, only this way can they be a professional idol ah.


2. The filming location was quite hot, Xiao Tian had a fan, without knowing how, it was passed to LAY’s hands, this sweet child took it and fanned, mm, fanning for Dai Chun Rong teacher beside him, how is he so good!


3. Saying honest comments and accidentally “hurting” Jiu Kong teacher, the little friend specially sincerely gave Jiu Kong teacher a hug of love. How sweet ya!”


Credit: translation:, Source: 当代歌坛 Magazine.

I will fix it with money Soooo this is my first time making a post, I went to the Changwon K-pop festival and managed a few okay pictures of Exo members so thought I'd share here, some are better than others (a few are blurry, but okay enough). Here's the fan account I left on the EC post of the event.
[Account]I will fix it with money I just got back from this. My friend and I had good ground seats, pretty close to the stage. The other acts that performed were Sistar, BAP, Apink, IU, and Block B. Exo was the last act. In between the Kpop acts were Kpop cover groups from other countries performing in a contest, judged by some people from KBS I think. My friend and I left after Exo so no idea who won. The seats were in neat rows at first but when the show started everyone started scrunching closer, so that there weren't really any rows anymore, just crowds. I had to go to the bathroom at one point so I went when one of the cover groups was on but came back when Apink was performing so it was hard navigating a crowd while everyone had their cameras out and were screaming. I managed to find my friend and seat though. When it was almost time for Exo, people started scrunching their seats in even more, I was actually freaking out when they were about to come on. When they did, I was trying to get decent photos and watch at the same time which was hard. My hand holding the camera was literally shaking during the whole thing partly because of excitement and partly cause I was nervous about standing to get photos since some girls behind me were screaming 앉아라! 앉아라! They were like 14 and I don't think they were entirely directed at me (mostly at the other middle school aged girls) but I was kind of afraid of them cause of how fangirls can be.

Anyway, it was great seeing Exo but I felt like they were there about 2 minutes, they performed Overdose and then Growl, and spoke for a little bit in between. They looked good, but tired. Can't blame them since they just flew in from Shanghai. Also I was expecting them to come to the front at some point but they never did, but all the other Kpop acts did. I guess they were afraid there would be a mob trying to touch them. I wasn't allowed to go in until an hour before the show (we waited in line for a long time) so I didn't see a rehearsal.

Also my friend and I were probably the only foreigners there, which was pretty funny. Tons of middle school/high school girls (obviously). It would have been nice if I could have spoken or waved at them but they were too far away for any to see me and they didn't come to the front of the stage but I enjoyed it anyway

Here's the photos:
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