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Hello L babies this is #EXO's funniest oppa.

[Suho"s update and translation]
안녕 엘긔들 엑젤웃 오빠야.

오늘 폭염주의보가 내렸지만 그래도
화창한 금요일 오후에 엘긔가 생각나서 글쓴다~
이제 주말이다!!! 힘내긔!!!

오빠가 추천하는 노래 BGM들으면서 사진 봐~

오빠는 엘긔 만날 날만 생각하면서 열심히 콘서트 연습하고 있다.
주말 잘 가~~!!ㅋㅋ

엘긔들이 있어서 오늘도 행복하다. 사랑해.

브금 장인 오늘의 Bgm 추천곡
토이 – 좋은 사람

[Lot of pics]


sources: Official EXO-L site, CODE:EXO, LittleAriel13

Will we be seeing EXO shine on stage once again?

On July 7, several news outlets reported that EXO would be making a comeback in mid-August with a repackaged version of their third full-length album, “EX’ACT,” after the end of their upcoming concerts.

However, a source from SM refutes, “While we are planning [for it], and there is nothing finalized at this moment.”

This potential release is already gaining lots of attention, as previous repackaged albums, “XOXO” and “Love Me Right” saw huge success. These albums are also the source of EXO’s title as “double-million sellers.” Many people are looking to see if the group will successfully set a new record as “triple-million sellers.”

As of now, around 660,200 “EX’ACT” albums have been sold, within a month of its release.

Meanwhile, EXO is currently preparing for their third solo concert, which will take place the last two weekends of July.

Source: Soompi; Naver; Osen

So if it's not august when??

source: Feli1992

You can also watch the MV on Yinyuetai site here.

They sound so good together 😍😍😍


sources: layixingworld (1, 2) | translated by: laymerence

Previous post with pics here.

While Super Junior’s Leeteuk may not be able to assume his usual position as DJ, never fear for there’s a special guest in place!

According to a tweet from “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” EXO’s Kai will be stepping in for Leeteuk as a special guest DJ on July 4.

This is not the first time Kai has stepped in as a special DJ for the radio program, as he and fellow member Suho previously held this position for a day back in 2013. Other EXO members have stepped in occasionally as one-day DJs as well.

Meanwhile, Leeteuk and the other Super Junior members are currently in Mexico City for their “SUPER CAMP” tour.

[Sukira tweet]

sources: Soompi, KBSKISSTHERADIO + Mr.Destiny for the pic
The movie "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" will also be coming to select theatres in Canada & USA on July 15! Let us know if you're planning to watch it~!

Video & News

SM STATION's 21th track “나의 영웅 (My Hero)”, written and composed by producer CHO YOUNG SOO, and sung by SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK, EXO SUHO and Kassy, has been released. Enjoy the music video of the song and look forward to the new station track!

source: SMTOWN
30 June 2016 @ 09:07 pm

"Thanks to EXO-L’s love and supports, EXO has gain 8 trophies with ‘EX’ACT’ from various Korean music programs until now! Enjoy the special gift from EXO and stay excited for their concerts and next move!"

source: SMTown

This video's selca format is Doing Things to me.

Also to note: Wang Xun confirmed on Weibo that Go Fighting is returning for a Season 3 with the original cast! Shooting starts early 2017.

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I'm happy Yixing is getting more activities but I hope it doesn't mean he'll be too tired or away from EXO too long T___T