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Exo-M heading back to China

The boys are heading back to China now :(

I'm sad there won't be ot12 for a while, but I hope that Exo-M will be getting more exposure and promotions there! I want them to do well there so badly <3

fan account of luhan at incheon / 120527
today while entering the customs, there were a group of kids queuing up in front of them. luhan walked in front to look at the kids and even pouted~ luhan are you curious? the manager asked their teacher if exo-m could go first, and the teacher graciously let them go ahead. luhan walked towards the teacher, bowed and said thank you.
source: shivaun_v@weibo

Airport fashions!!!

Posted Image

My sexy unicorn looking sharp as ever ;)

All photos credited as tagged!

I can't possibly post all the fan pictures, so spam away everyone.

What are you thoughts on them going back to China?

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