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Chen's replies and post on the SMTOWN fanboard

So it's Chen's turn to wreak havoc at the fanboard today!! 

During Tao’s birthday party some of the fans had shouted ‘Dancing Machine Jongdae’ and Chen was super happy about it, saying how his ‘dancing skill is finally getting recognized(!!!)’ and that’s why we have him posting at the fanboard today with the title ‘I am Chen the dancing machine!!!!!!!!!!’

As usual no. 1-17 are his replies to fans and no. 18 is his proper post to the fanboard after he's done teasing all the fans lol

I am Chen the dancing machine!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

So its my holidays now since my finals ended last week and I basically have nothing to do so I stalk exo all day and translate stuff like this hahaha
I'm sorry if there are any errors in my translation and that sometimes my translations can be a bit too literal OTL
It's really nice to see this side of Chen he is so cheeky lmao and there he was pretending to be this nice and reserved person during interviews lollll

Source: Exo-M Fanboard
Korean to Chinese translation: 一旦路过 @ exo baidu bar
Chinese to English translation by me

Please take out with full credit!

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