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A pedonoona's fantasy: Exo-K in schoolboy uniforms

SM Entertainment‘s new rookie group EXO-K have landed themselves a new endorsement deal as school uniform models for ‘Ivy Club‘!

Much like chicken CFs, school uniform brands usually only pick top stars to model their latest looks. Top stars like Kim Min HeeShinhwa, Moon Geun Young, the Wonder GirlsKim Soo Hyun, and more have all shot to fame through such deals, and it seems EXO-K is right behind them.

On May 3rd, ‘Ivy Club’ expressed, “We immediately recognized EXO-K’s star potential and contracted with them even before their debut. They’ve been receiving the immense love of teens even prior to their debut and we believe that they have the talents and visuals fit to model our brand. We’re looking forward to how EXO-K’s rising stardom will create a synergistic effect with ‘Ivy Club’.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily + Mydaily via Nate
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I can't wait to see the ads! Handsome boys in uniforms ... and hopefully glasses too ;)
Feel free to make this a spam thread too lmao

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