momomoing (momomoing) wrote in exochocolate,

EXO Anniversary Post - Livestream Party!

Sorry this is last minute - I had assumed there would be anniversary post, so this is something I tried to scramble together last second.

Livestream link: (you need a livestream account. Sorry, this is super last minute so I didn't have time to research better sites to do this at)

Start Time (about an hour from this post time)
8:00pm EST (US)
9:00am Seoul
11:00am Sydney
1:00am London

Stream List (in case you can't connect or if the stream quality is poor which I'm guessing it might be)
-EXO Korea Showcase
-EXO China Showcase (I'm not sure the correct order for China showcase, so it will be: History, My Lady, Into Your World, Phoenix, BDC, What is Love, Two Moons, Reflection I, Run and Gun, Time Control, EXO-K vs. EXO-M, MAMA teaser, MAMA, Member Introductions)

Not streaming others b/c I don't have time. Feel free to spam with old pictures and memorable moments/vids of EXO!

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