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We survived March, and two months to go till summer, shirts and tank tops

Official EXO-K/M's weibo updates :)

EXO-M from SJC from yesterday

and Chanyeol, Luhan and Kai from SuJu Super Show 5 backstage pic

Of course we all remember this and even if there are 6 more hours till korean midnight (counting by european time), still no sign of any albums :D
OP have a tiny hope that at least we'll be granted with something like teaser/photo/even two word official announcement, but obvously who knows lol

Anyway, in case you've missed yesterday great performance of EXO-M @ SJC in Bangkok, go check these fancams, and sure you gonna love it!
Open Arms = Eargasm....

And there are a lot of airport fanpics already so feel free to spam them in the comments!

cut name from lorraine_nie fanacc :)))

p.s. I find this as appropriate gif for the "we survived march" thing lol

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