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Hallelujiah: A Guide to Suho Part 2


The Different Facets of Suho

As time passed and we were getting further away from debut, Suho started showing everyone the many different sides to him beyond the angelic guardian we all came to know and love during the early days.

Being the leader of the Korean subgroup, he answers most questions with the tact and propriety of a prince, as what the company has probably taught him, seemingly following a script to a tee and comes off a bit rehearsed. He has admitted it himself and wants to be able to talk more naturally during interviews. This earnestness is actually a really endearing trait of his. Because if there’s a person who can prove that nice guys don’t finish last, then it’s certainly Suhoses.

Along with acting like a prince, he also looks like one. From performances, posing in the practice room, to even just testing perfume, he just naturally exudes a princely aura. Without stylists dressing him up in coats, bow ties, robes, or suits, he also prefers wearing button - down shirts and cardigans on his down time. Even in casual clothing, he never stops looking royal. As if he couldn’t get any more regal, his favorite colors are purple and gold.

Suho also gained lots of fans during pre-debut because he was really very caring for the fans. He even waited for a fan waiting outside the building to ride the bus home before he left himself. This angel.

Suho definitely has a distinct tone when he sings, especially in his subgroup. His voice definitely fits his title of angel, with its really light, clear sound. His parts on the album may not be that long, but he doesn’t fail to impress - especially when singing live.

Even early on, Suho had always been an amazing live performer. Regardless of the style of song, whether it be hard-hitting songs like MAMA, or sweet songs like Angel, he delivers. Despite some shaky moments in the History of their live stages, Suho remains consistent in every performance, sounding so close to the actual recording that you might have to double take, pause, and replay again, but nope - still perfect. His stability is admirable, with him never going offkey or missing a step. Even with MR versions of their live performances, he remains on point with every singing part he’s got.

In addition, he does a pretty good job of imitating SHINee’s main vocal, Jonghyun. Another interesting talent Suho might have is playing the guitar. He’s playing the B-minor chord, showing at least some knowledge of guitar-playing.

Junmen actually descended from the heavens accompanied by angels singing his praises on a cloud blessed by God.

Suho loves his Junmen nickname. And why not? It is so very apt. Apart from looking like he was born to wear white all his life and watch over us mere mortals, he’s also always ready to give a helping hand when needed, even worrying about screenwriters. He was kind and caring even as a trainee and continues to be a saint, even to sasaengs. He also goes with his group to volunteer at different centers - whether for the aged (bless his sympathetic soul) or for the kids (warning: you may want to breathe first to prepare for the cute).

If those weren’t enough, he has also picked 너의 세상으로 / 你的世界 / Into Your World (Angel) as his favorite out of all the songs in their mini album--the song about an angel falling in love with a human (of course he would).

Just look at that smile. Suho is one good-looking guy, but his smiles just elevate his aura to another level. The one with the brightest and biggest smile of them all, he is often seen smiling during performances, interviews and guestings, even behind the scenes or while getting mobbed by fans. His smile is like sunshine on a spring day, bathing you with warmth and happiness. The way his eyes crinkle when a wide grin spreads on his face, or even his simple smile showcasing his gentle features, can make any person feel all that is good and happy in the world. Who needs puppies and kittens when you have Suho?

And when he laughs, oh Lord. He always looks like he’s having the time of his life. You just want to laugh with him. Now that is an awesome kind of superpower.

Suho may not be the most up-to-date and fashionable member, but no matter what he wears, he manages to look adorable. The gramps in him shows whenever he decides to wear knit sweaters (bless his soul), but sometimes he tries to keep it hip with the youngins. He also has his moments of being a GQMF. Suho seems to have an affinity for stripes and plaid (even wearing both at the same time ), and a love for polos and cardigans. Regardless of what he wears, he looks amazing.

We’ve talked about exemplary student Suho, but it needs mentioning again, because smart!Suho is just, guhhhh, adorable and sexy (there seems to be a collaborator dying here). He’s a student in one of Korea’s prominent universities, Korean National University of Arts (K-ARTS) School of Drama, which has a tough-as-nails admissions program and a low acceptance rate.  To possible skeptics, he got in when he was still a trainee so he was accepted because of his skills and not his idol status. He’s had to take a break because of schedules, but during his time in university, he even handwrote his reports like an overachiever BAMF from the 1800s.

He can also solve math problems at the speed of 3.0X10^8m/s and then proceeds to teach you how to do it AT A FANSIGN EVENT. There was even a point in his life when Kim Junmyeon wanted to become a scientist. Suho used to be in the top 5 of his class before he started training. However, since training was hard and his schedule was pretty much jam-packed, he had a hard time maintaining it.

Kris is the polyglot of EXO, but our Suhoses is not too far behind. He may not be fluent, but he’s shown that he’s more than passable in speaking other languages when push comes to shove. He displayed his familiarity with Japanese back in an SM Town Tokyo, and Chinese during interviews they have done in China. Perhaps it’s his natural earnestness and academic tendencies coming through, but you can’t deny, a smart, competent Gramps is a sexy Suho.

Suho has mentioned that his ideal girl is one with literary interests. He likes girls with long hair who loves reading books, and he even dreams of watching his girl read by the windowsill while tucking her hair behind her ears.

Ready for more Suho? Proceed to part 1. part 3. part 4. part 5.
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