Victoria (chaos__creation) wrote in exochocolate,

This is an EXO-M in suits post. Again.

"120622 another preview of EXO-M's 当代歌坛 magazine. The magazine will be published in 3 days"

Or more like a "let's all discuss that sexual tension between Krispy Lays" post.

With a side order of angst!Tao.

And I'll also take a Luhan laughing because his plans for world domination are exceeding his expectations.

Kim Jongdae is super handsome, sky is blue, etc.

Xiumin is looking at his life and his choices.

It's early so I can't figure out who is who, let's get to work EXO detectives.

Credit: @SMent_EXO

So ready for this EXO weekend you guys.
Tags: ▲ exo-m, ♫ media, ♫ photos
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