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01 September 2015 @ 05:46 pm

[The chat]


[Pt.3 aka roll call of names]





[More pics]

translation: sehunownsme | screencaps: __Roopretelcham | pics: EXO-L Website

Yixing updated his weibo on September 1st with a message to fans & a video of himself playing the piano.
(Preview to 1 of his new self-composed songs?!?!?!?!)

亲爱的 各位 大家最近都辛苦了!谢谢 你们开学 我也开工 离送出惊喜的时间越来越近了
[泪][爱你] O秒拍视频 .

source 1: Yixing's weibo
source 2: @lyuanz
source 3: Healing roll
01 September 2015 @ 03:54 pm

the audio and subtitles are a bit wonky but this will do for now
tw: fat squishy caterpillars and giant lizard

[Ep 01 for those who missed it]


EXO ft. Han Seong Yeon, aren't they handsome and beautiful?

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Hello~~ I am the Legendary Guitar Man! CHEN haha
Guitar Man’s identity has been revealed~~!!!!!

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Source: EXO-L Official Website | Trans by @hyoyeonsubs2

first thing first, the selfies ;_;

[5 bts pics here]

i couldn't find the original post to this so here are the translations from that day icymi

  • Hello, I’m EXO’s Lay
  • I’m here to see everyone, please tell me how much you missed me ~~~~~~
  • Wah, the computers in our company has changed
  • I rea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~lly missed everyone too
  • I’ll let everyone know that it’s July 7th of the lunar calendar in China. It’s a day that females and males have to spend together, you know that don’t you?
  • You guys are saying you don’t have a man>? Ohey ~~~ What about me??
  • I’m always studying Korean
  • What about having soy sauce marinated crab for dinner>?
    (note: He made several typos here haha)
  • I’m studying Korean a lot. Come to China to play next time, China is nice.
  • There’s a lot of people in China
  • There might be a lot of people like me, right?? ㅋㅋ
  • Hold on, let me think a bit
  • What about L-gam?
  • There’s ‘thank you’, there’s ‘touched’ and there’s also Yegam crackers..
    [note: Yegam crackers 예감과자 is from Orion]
  • Be slower, Yegams
  • L-gams
    [note: He made a typo so he retyped it]
  • Excuse me, it’s difficult if we’re doing it this way. Can we do it like this? Can’t we?
  • I swim and exercise everyday, as long as I have spare time
  • Everyone, do you know what I’ve been doing lately?
  • Other than my schedules, I’m practically always thinking of you
  • I listen to a lot of songs lately. If you ask me to recommend some songs, um…..Of course it would be my song~
  • But you guys still can’t hear it
  • What I want to hear the most from fans is “I’ll be by your side”
  • You ask when you’ll be able to hear my song?? I’m not sure~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Please look forward to the 7th of October
  • Truthfully, it’s kinda scary these days
  • The airplanes shakes quite a lot, up and down
  • I’m not tired. Because I’m meeting the fans that I miss
  • Of course when it comes to sauce, you dip and eat
  • Sure, of course I can use Chinese. I don’t see a lot of Chinese, it’s gone once I blink. I haven’t read it
  • Yes, I’m not playing around, I really improved a lot
  • I like neat things. When I’m wearing clothes
  • Thank you all
  • Lately I’m most concerned about my music my music
    [note: He said ‘my music’ twice in Chinese and in Korean]
  • Almost everyday, I’m making songs, writing and practicing
  • I have to go practice later too
  • You asked what Lay means? In Chinese, LAY means ‘tired’
    [note: Chinese word 累]
  • I explained it above. How’s my name? Do you like it?
  • There’s no one other than you guys. Hold on, I’ll be back after going to the toilet
  • I’m back. Many of you told me not to go but I don’t think it’s this
  • Okay, let’s continue with the questions
  • I like black hair better.
  • Chen is doing his musical these days so please give him a lot of support
  • Snacks?There’s a lot
  • For chicken it’s of course origino
  • Good luck for your college entrance exam
  • It’s original, that was a typo
  • I’m now 25 years old but it’s quite embarrassing if you keep saying that I’m cute
  • Lately I dreamt of a ghost
  • I like to be All-rounder Zhang
  • Yes, I dweamt of a gwost
    [note: ‘I dreamt of a ghost’ is a kind of aegyo people are doing these days lol]
  • You guys, sheep Xing is doing fine, don’t worry
  • It seems like sheep Xing is more popular than I am. Looks like we have to do an interview with sheep Xing next time
  • The most recent movie I watched is Jurassic World
  • I want to give the character of that big dinosaur in the movie a try
  • I feel like I look like a sheep, a rabbit, a unicorn
  • Call~
  • I don’t call Suho ‘hyung’
  • I call him ‘leader’, of course
  • Who is the most fun? Not sure, everyone’s the same* these days
    [*the same in terms of being fun]
  • The member I think is the cutest has grown up a lot already, now I have to say that he’s cool
  • I keep misplacing my earphones, it irritates me
  • Banned from talking about earphones
  • I like Call Me Baby
    [note: He didn’t change the keyboard so ‘Call Me Baby’ was written in Hangeul but he meant to type it in the English]
  • I currently filming ‘Extreme Challenge’. Thank you for showing interest in it
  • Do you guys like flowers?
  • Take it
  • Everyone, time is almost up
  • Do you guys like EXO?
  • Take us
  • Do you guys like Zhang Yixing?
  • Take my heart too
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you guys but I’m really touched and my mood is very good. Thanks to you guys, I will work hard doing my activities well. As much as you like me, I will do my best. I’m really working hard this time on preparing a present for the fans. I wish to show this present on the 7th of October. I won’t rest a day to prepare of the present so I hope you will like it. I want to say thank you again to all the fans who are always by my side. I will never forget. Until now, it has been EXO’s Lay, bye~~~~~
  • There might not have been a lot of messages that I replied in Chinese because the chat was moving very fast. But I hope you guys won’t mind. I’m very thankful for everyone’s great love for me. I’m always working hard and because of everyone, I’m doing my promotions well. I’m very grateful, very touched, very thankful. I’m currently working hard preparing to give you guys a huge present, a big surprise. I hope to show it to you guys on the 7th of October. I hope you guys will like the present I prepared. Once again, thank you to the fans who have always been with me from the start. Thank you~


Song starts at 1:30

Soure: X

The contestant's mentor (Na Ying) chose MAMA because she feels the 2 girls are usually quite reticent about their love for their parents and she felt that the song suited their personality quite well.
Any thoughts about this performance, EC?